Kin of the Stained Blade | Spirit Blossom 2020 Cinematic – League of Legends

Not forgiven. Not forgotten. See the story of brothers torn asunder.

Created in partnership with:

Directed by Haolin

Haoliners Animation

Paper Plane Animation Studio


Studio Tumble
CMC Media

Music by Brian D’Oliveira

Sound Design by Hexany Audio

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  1. “Im done running”
    *A summoner had disconnected*

  2. New patch: Yasuo claims he’s “done running,” movement speed decreased by 5

  3. Just make a 2 hour movie already and make billions of dollars.

  4. Yone: “You might deserve death, but not by
    my hands.”

    Yasuo: *0/15/0*
    Yone: *0/0/15*

  5. Yasuo: What are you looking for, Ahri?

  6. Para Penikmat Senja


    -Sokka, Book 3

  7. “I’m watching it for the plot”
    the plot: 3:26

  8. Santiago Melchor

    They dont know that if they actually make a movie of league of legends, they would win millions in cinema xD

  9. this feels like genji and hanzo, except more complicated.

  10. Riot: Releases Lillia
    Everyone: thank god the new champ doesnt have a dash or knoc-

  11. Spectacular Spider-man

    Everyone knew Yasuo’s brother was going to return. The question was *when*

  12. Plot twist: Zorro’s their older brother since he fights with 3 swords

  13. The vine meme ruined “Why are you running?” part for me fml

  14. Yasuo: ” im no murderer”
    me ” ofc you’re 0/16″

  15. *”Then why…are you running?..”*
    I don’t know about you all, *but i felt that…*

  16. Yasuo: *gets poisoned by a disguised demon*
    also yasuo: *Defends the demon*
    Yone: Mass report to yasuo troll

  17. Yasuo: “Yone… have your revenge”
    Yone: “It’s ok brother, Im a lot cooler than you now”.

  18. “Mom can we have Snake Eyes vs Storm Shadow?”
    “We already have Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow at home.”

  19. The world: How to defeat cancer?
    Rito: With cancer.

  20. Riot: makes 10 minutes video of Yone*
    American: “Yoan”

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