Destiny 2: Beyond Light – Stasis – Gameplay Trailer

Rooted in Darkness, Guardians will wield this new elemental power alongside Arc, Solar, and Void, summoning epic supers to dominate the battlefield. Titans, Warlocks, and Hunters each use Stasis in a different way, from slowing down foes with Stasis fields to encasing and shattering enemies with destructive might.

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Dive into the free-to-play world of Destiny 2 to experience responsive first-person shooter combat, explore the mysteries of our solar system, and unleash elemental abilities against powerful enemies. Create your Guardian and collect unique weapons, armor, and gear to customize your look and playstyle. Experience Destiny 2’s cinematic story alone or with friends, join other Guardians for challenging co-op missions, or compete against them in a variety of PvP modes.⠀


  1. If this is what the darkness offers, the light may need to make one hell of a counter offer.

    • @William Beck I seriously doubt there is going to be an option to choose light or dark. There’s only going to be one little tree of the stasis on each subclass. When there is 3 of each subclass of the light. It’s just not gonna happen. It’s a balance ordeal. You’ll do both. Everyone will.

    • @Matthew Cross Oh I know that gameplay wise I’m 100% using all four. I’m just saying from a Lore perspective everyone just seems to trust this WAY too quickly.

    • @William Beck we all can agree that this looks so fucking dope though. I just hope it’s not like every damn release from Bungie and after one sit down everything is fucking boring and DAMN sure repetitive from hell.

    • @Kosmic Darkness has countless solar systems under control, defeated the traveler once, (probably) gives us immortality aswell and the only ideology they “force” is that darkness is superior

    • Mamisa Shalamama gsth

  2. Destiny 2 beyond light: When everyone became a Mei main

  3. Hunter: “That was the worst throw ever…. of all time”

    Titan: “Not my fault, someone put a wall in my way.”

  4. darksun gwyndolin

    Bungie: hey look at all these new abilities

    Everyone: W A L L

  5. Actually impressed, cause this looks like a developper nightmare to implement in the game

    • Matthew DiRienzo

      Giga Olive They said it wouldn’t be present in Beyond Light because it just wasn’t made to work in that build of the game and that they would have to reintroduce it later, but they never said that it coming back would have anything to do with the story.

    • retronax 👍 100% agree with you

    • @Robert TheRonin nope it will eventually comeback

    • @Giga Olive Coding the element type into everything 😩

    • @The Holy Knight of YouTube adding *anything* into tur game and having it not break as well as REMOVING three entire campaings and rearranging the old exotic quests so new players can get them is a PAIN to code no matter how good of a developer you are especially in a game with as shoddy a code as Destiny 2.

  6. I’m just happy that we’re finally seeing fallen that aren’t wearing house of dusk colors.

  7. When I saw that one of the grenades actually built ice Barriers even on the side of wall the first thing I thought was how I could finally climb to the top of the big tall vex thing next to Ashir mir on io then i remembered…

    • @Izshen idk man, nessus looks so much cooler than Io, and there are so many little caves or nooks and branching paths and different environments to explore. Io’s got some cool landmarks but Nessus just has a better overall environment and setting imo
      gonna miss seeing that big intimidating leviathan mouth in the sky tho 🙁

    • @Izshen i was wondering that myself. I think it might be because of the forges. Not sure why else tbh

    • Izshen- Nessus is my least favorite game maps. The only thing interesting is Calus’ leviathan ship in orbit. Lol

    • Not rlly much up there tbh

  8. Binomialshiz Rodrigues

    Me: *only freezes enemies to emote in front of them in crucible*

  9. Warlocks: Cant wait to use Stasis in the new raid!
    Our Fireteams: Why arent you running Well?

    • Really? Bubble seems to have replaced Well in all of my play sessions

    • DieselexKore hey, sometimes we love to run celestial, we don’t have very many good supers outside of that.

    • @kevin denman usually it’s both, especially in scourge

    • Inb4 well isnt even meta anymore for endgame come beyond light

    • Well is by far the best warlock pve subclass for high end activities however, in stuff like master NFs oppressive darkness with top tree nova and contraverse hold is just as good as well. Also I almost always use top tree dawn for mobility and speed unless it’s a boss encounter or anything in master difficulty.

  10. Me: Time to nova bo-

    My teammate: WALL

  11. Everyone: ICE WALL
    Me: *hunter backpack*

  12. The Darkness putting out these ads like:

    Make millions of glimmer on salt in the crucible per year with our new product; Stasis!

  13. fine i’ll play it

  14. Haristo Anandita

    Warlock: Gets a staff
    Hunter: Gets dual scythe and shurikens

    Titan: TITAN SMASH!

  15. Ikora!
    Where’s my super suit?
    “Why do you need to know!?”
    I NEED IT!

  16. Traveler Powers: Blowing away enemies, with style, flash, and power

    Darkness Powers: Alright everybody…. CHILL

  17. That’s Just Tem

    “All I want to know is who threw the ice wall in front of the DPS spot”

  18. *“Wield the darkness”*
    My guardian hiding his weapons of sorrow: yeah… I definitely haven’t been messing around with that bad bad darkness 😬

  19. Darkness is out here showing more love and affection towards Hunters than the Traveler

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