God of War – New Gameplay: Trolls, Exploration, and More | PS Underground

Today PS Underground: brand new gameplay from God of War, showcasing another one of the game’s trolls, as well as some of the off-the-beaten-path exploration elements in the game.

God of War arrives PS4 on April 20th.

Rated Mature: Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language


  1. Pixelated Dreams

    I feel like I shouldn’t be watching this because it’ll spoil the amazing game play I’ll experience but I’m too hyped!!!! Just come out already!

  2. Don’t cut the gameplay there!! It always gives me a panic attack when children run forward in videogames

  3. Wow kratos actually said his son’s name I thought I would listen to him just say “boy” the whole time lmao

  4. Guys support santa Monica studios and Sony by buying this Single player Game. And show E.A and other production house that Gaming is not about Multiplayer or Micro transactions. But a story & gameplay feel by player.???

  5. I hope enemies are not so repetitive (changing colors here and there) because this troll is same as the one we saw but throwing lava

  6. right now i have more underwear than xbox one has exclusives ??

  7. This fog is gorgeous

  8. Kratos will smash Thor with his own hammer. Mark my words.

  9. The reason I got a ps4

    two years ago

  10. “Exclusive footage that you won’t see anywhere else” until someone reuploads it and gains 75k views

  11. God Of War 1&2 sold me the PS2
    God Of War 3 sold me the PS3
    And now I will buy PS4 for God Of War 4

  12. I like the combat system a lot

  13. Zanar Aesthetics

    Goty 2018

  14. Kratos correndo parece um touro, imagina esse cara correndo atrás de você com sangue nos olhos… Se caga todo.

  15. Take all my red orbs!!!!

  16. I used to be a Troll like you, until I took an Axe to the knee.

  17. Español ????

  18. Lol, the people talking are still cringy af
    But the game is quite nice.

  19. sexy korean girl

    better than dark souls

  20. Kratos doesn’t screams and runs into combat mashing one button followed up with ez quick time events like he did in the previous gow games. The combat here is much more strategic, like a souls game which is the best thing for me. I can’t wait to play it.

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