Developer Update | Overwatch Archives | Overwatch

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Game director Jeff Kaplan and lead engineer Tim Ford our upcoming event: Overwatch Archives!

00:13 – The Uprising mission is coming back!
00:22 – Experience the King’s Row Uprising mission with two modes
01:24 – We’re changing the event this year
02:06 – Archives Loot Boxes will contain last year’s Uprising content…
02:12 – …Plus brand-new content
02:20 – Hear Jeff’s hint at a new skin
02:35 – Tune into the Overwatch League stream to hear more about Overwatch Archives
02:50 – We hope you’re ready for the Retribution!


  1. The cult is growing. Prepare yourself.

  2. WHA-TWO PEOPLE, but the question is….WHO IS THE REAL JEFF!?

  3. Jeff is blinking……. Alot.

  4. Lol I couldn’t help laughing looking at Jeff trying to keep himself from laughing

  5. Daddy Jeff & Uncle Tim?

  6. They should have a battle of the developers to determine the overlord

  7. Lmfao these comments about Jeff blinking ????

  8. I hate both of the Shimada brothers…

  9. Why Jeff looking like he about to do a prank on us?


  11. Hello everybody this is Overwatch from the Jeff team

  12. Wojciech Gawryś

    *plz add moira blackwatch skin*

  13. Joseph Valentine

    anyone else notice if jeff’s jacket was zipped up it would say, “Overwwatch”

  14. this strangely reminds me of a high school presentation with PowerPoint

  15. This comment section is amazing

  16. This is getting out of hand, now there are two of them!

  17. Jeff looked like a proud dad the whole video

  18. Lets play a little game. Every time Jeff blinks, take a shot

  19. I feel like Overwatch: Archives could be a permanent game mode with a new story every year

  20. Jeff has a nice new skin.

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