Ubification (The Jimquisition)

Is Far Cry 5 good? I think so. The problem with Ubisoft games is you can’t tell anymore, they’re all the same.

It’s understandable when a sequel iterates on its predecessor, but Ubisoft is one publisher with MANY franchises all building off each other.

It’s making it hard to care, or at the very least view these games as anything other than fluff.


  1. YouTube is doing that thing where it stops me replying to individual comments, but I wanted to respond to someone asking how this is different from what EA and Activision Blizzard are doing with the online components and monetization strategies:

    Ubification runs a little deeper than straightforward homogenization. I agree that EA and Activision Blizzard are also overusing formulas, but their games still have structural identities unique to the IP. For now, anyway.

    Ubisoft games aren’t just using the same business models, they’re copying each other to the point where even minor details are starting to become library-wide staples, and my video is by no means a comprehensive rundown of the minutia shared between Ubisoft’s tentpole releases. While increased generic content is a problem across all the “AAA” space, ain’t nobody driving ideas into the ground quite like Ubisoft.

  2. They might be doing “the exact same fking thing” but Ubisoft is not expecting sht to change. Indeed, they want it to stay the way it is which is raking in the $ for them. When the $ stops, they might care.

  3. Don’t forget ALL Ubisoft games share the same bloated, boring UI design, not only the open world ones. Whoever does their UX design needs multiple injections of ambition and creativity.

  4. Happy Easter Jim. Hope you had some penis.

  5. Jim you forgot to mention that a Ubisoft game can’t write a decent ending to save their fucking lives. Seriously? Who thought the endings to Far Cry 5 were good ideas? It’s just a big ‘Fuck You’ to the player. I can’t believe I choose Far Cry 5 over Nino Kuni 2, well I’mma trade it in today and fix that mistake.

  6. That definition of insanity is wrong.

    Because you are not exactly sane if you keep doing different things and expect the same results.

  7. I bet the next beyond good and evil is gonna be another boring, uninteresting, ubisoft game. With fucking microtransactions.

  8. I personally think Far Cry 5 is great.
    Why are there people getting bent out of shape from what i said, it was just an opinion.

  9. I think of Telltale games as more of interactive TV Shows and enjoy them for what they are.
    at least they aren’t as much of a timesink as Ubisoft games where 95% of the time you do the exact same thing and you don’t accomplish anything besides filling up progress bars.

  10. In The Mind of Kibara

    What a way to show it to Ubisoft, by quoting one of the most famous video game lines of all time.

  11. side of jelly beans

    I used to think ‘open world’ = good and ‘linear’ = bad. A decade of relentless open words later, and now I think of hundreds of carbon copy collectibles, copy/paste bland side missions by the dozens. Near endless padding. And more and more, live services.

    I still think that there are truly great and immersive open world games, but games like The Last of Us, Journey, Edith Finch, Divinity: OS, Undertale, etc. have felt more worthwhile, even if they aren’t as long. I still look forward to good open world games, but I wouldn’t want every game to be one.

  12. Lets not forget Child of Light, another sign of how talented the teams working at Ubi can be if they are given the chance to work freely.

  13. I think this might be an example of your Cynisism taking over your opinion, Jim. Nothing wrong or innacurate with what you said, of course, but as a videogame critic that covers and plays nearly all Ubisoft games, it’s natural that you’ll be burnt out. I think this is a great example of critics disliking games a lot more than players do.

    The same happens to most Let’s Play channels that play Telltale Games. They love them the first few times, but after a few games, they start to catch the patterns, predict the endings, and get bored of the minimal gameplay.

    People that already played every Far Cry game will find Far Cry 5 to be more of the same. But people that haven’t? They’ll enjoy the heck out of it. And there’s not much wrong with that. Those players are a very real demographic.

    I think Ubisoft is a very good developer, but their marketting department is always too scared to do something different. You could see hints of RPG gameplay in Assassin’s Creed since many years ago, but it was only until last year that they finally made an actual, honest to god Assassin’s Creed RPG.

    I’d love to see Ubisoft branch out like they did with Rainbow Six Siege and For Honor. Maybe try their hand again at linear games, see how that goes. I’m sure they can do great, they just need to take the jump.

  14. This sort of meothology is great for pumping out games that don’t take huge production cycles, don’t need tons of writing, and can benefit from a pretty wide assortment of DLC. That’s just the nature of systemic gameplay in open world games. That’s why they’re so prominent. That’s why we had a Zelda game that had DLC for the first time. You don’t have to craft an entire story with triggers and cutscenes to give people hours of content, and each player can have a unique experience with the same content. I suppose we’re lucky this is what makes money since it’s actually decent to play.

    Yet I think the issue is that this is a mechanical thing. It’s not unique to Ubisoft. You can take quite a few genres of games from a lot of developers and see the cross pollination of mechanics. The “Souls-like” games that are growing in popularity have the same designs across the board changing things like environments and weapon names but keeping the same sort of content. I think it’s hard to try to isolate one of these trends and say it’s anything more than that. Ubisoft just seems to be happy putting all of their IPs on to this particular trend and as homogenous as it is, it’s keeping franchises alive for a future where they could adopt new and interesting things – like not having towers…

  15. Ubisoft probably has the most diverse library of all the publishers. The open world games are somewhat similar, but Ubisoft makes a lot of games. Still, I feel like FC5 and ACO have changed the formula enough for me to keep wanting more. Especially Origins, which is to me one the best games of 2017.

  16. you know what open world doesn’t have convoys, witcher 3

  17. Basically Ubisoft is the Nickelback of videogames. You’ve played one, you’ve played them all.

  18. MalevolentDivinity

    Horizon wasn’t Ubisoft?


  19. Did Jim ever do that Warframe Jimquisition?

  20. This episode was mostly redundant but still pretty good.

    Like a Ubisoft game.

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