Game Not Included (The Jimquisition)

Let’s talk about collector’s editions, specifically the ones that aren’t really collector’s editions.

You shouldn’t be able to call a box of garbage an “edition” of anything, but welcome to the game industry, where Bethesda, EA, and Microsoft have been doing just that.


  1. In The Mind of Kibara

    So basically yet another Direct game.

  2. In Quasi-equilibrium

    Sterdust is the second best role Jim has ever held. What a badass.

  3. When you need a spreadsheet to figure out whether you’re getting an actual game with your game, there’s a problem.

  4. Why are most of my favourite Youtubers British?

  5. I just want to take another moment to say how utterly awesome everything about Sterdust is!

  6. get sharkrobot to make a tshirt of the AAA bingo card 🙂 i’d buy that to go with my #fuckonami shirt

  7. C A P I T A L I S M

    the essence of triple A
    we’re lucky there’s no quadruple A industry YET

  8. It’s understandable when We Happy Few doesn’t include the game, since a lot of the people that would buy it already backed the game on kickstarter, therefore already own the game.

    Glad to see they’re trying to make sure people understand there won’t be a game included, as they’re probably being forced to do it by the publisher anyhow.

  9. Bonfire Keeper James

    I should make some of those bingo cards…

  10. Dammit, and I’ve been waiting so long for the special edition of the Jimquisition “game not included” Episode.
    All I got was an empty Boglins box.

  11. when I saw that “episode not included” writing on the wall, I though that may be it could be an… interesting PR move to just upload a video with just your intro and maybe a fuckonami news. and then I remembered that Jim actually has integrity and respect for his audience 😀

  12. Jim, with some of these comparisons, you’re leaving out the fact that some of these editions come with the “complete” (“gold,” “definitive,” etc.) version of the game, not just the $60 shell. So comparing ME:A’s $200+60 price point to Farcry 5 leaves out the fact that Farcry comes with far more launch *and* post-launch content included. ME:A on launch was something like $80 for the Deluxe version, though I don’t think it had a season pass or anything DLC-related. Just extra cosmetics and such.

  13. Back in 2010 I used to joke with my friends “Imagine if they start selling Collector’s Editions WITHOUT the game!”

    Joke’s on me…

  14. capitalism

  15. Surprised by the comments stating they didn’t even know game-less collector’s editions existed, and didn’t even realize, until halfway through the video, I wasn’t *just* talking about physical discs.

    Judging by what I’m reading, these are people who found the concept *unbelievable* until today.

    And that’s “AAA” videogames, constantly surprising us in all the wrong ways.

  16. I’m blown away that you have a Monday Night combat figure. I feel like every time I find a fan of those games I have a secret spiritual connection with them for playing something great that never got the chance it deserved. I’m still on board for ULTRA Monday Night Combat if Uber Ent can manage it…

  17. I paused the video and read the game description along with you lo.

  18. *episode not included

    this has been your meme comment of the week.

  19. Jamstained Streams

    Life’s good when you’re a Flying Purple People Eater.

  20. Crystal Soulslayer

    Shame about Mississippi sucking. I won’t suggest you move here, because Texas also sucks. The whole state is basically a really shit open-world game. We brag about square footage, but the landscape is flat and dreary-looking, and everything is super spread-out so it takes ages to get anywhere. And we have some _truly_ fucking embarrassing Congressional representation.

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