TL vs. C9 – Week 9 Day 1 | NA LCS Spring Split | Team Liquid vs. Cloud9 (2018)

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VOD of Team Liquid . Cloud9
NA LCS Split Week 9 2018 #NALCS

Team Liquid Lineup:
Impact – Top Ornn
Xmithie – Jungle Skarner
Pobelter – Mid Ryze
Doublelift – ADC Jhin
Olleh – Support Tahm Kench

Cloud9 Lineup:
Licorice – Top
Svenskeren – Jungle Olaf
Jensen – Mid Azir
Sneaky – ADC Varus
Smoothie – Support Thresh

Watch all matches of the split here from all of our leagues: NA LCS, EU LCS, LCK Champions Korea, LPL.
You can always learn more and view the full match schedule at


  1. brother sneaky

  2. If you group up. You always beat and can catch stranglerws.then push objetives.

  3. that Licorice though.. redefining the word useless..

  4. I like it when tl wins and see the dad hug all the players

  5. Idunnイドゥン

    Man, I’m happy for Steve! He invested a lot of money on this roster and it hasn’t been looking well lately. This is a good moral boost! Keep it up!

  6. Internet Explorer Podcast

    Let’s go boys

  7. Sneaky need a refresh..

  8. Stupid Licorice didn´t anything… i miss Impact… :´(

  9. I like where smoothie smiled when impact hugs him.

  10. Sven and Double didn’t hug???? 🙁

  11. i disagree with flowers. Second half of this split TSM are extremely dominant in their play.

  12. There Is No Sandwich

    A few people in the comments are saying Licorice is a bad player because of this game, please don’t be ridiculous. He won lane and got first turret, the only reason he couldn’t have much impact on the game is because botlane kept getting picked off, there was no pressure for him to work with. Stop judging him based on one game when he’s been crushing it all split.

  13. Letmepickmynameidiot

    I swear Varus is a curse!

  14. grat video!! CHeck Mine ultra instinct video!!!!

  15. i loved how the casters were talking about how svenskeren was performing and then after a huge lead on the jungle he goes full tank and waste all the lead xD (if he goes black cleaver instantly he becomes carry and he won the whole early-mid skirmishes by himself almost, but nope full tank and they lost like 3 teamfights in a row xD )

  16. Please, stop playing Varus.


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