Fuck Fortnite (The Jimquisition)

Incredibly brave and heroic, Epic Games continues its fight to #FreeFornite against Apple’s oppressive tyranny. That is definitely the whole story.

The corporate scrap between Epic and Apple is a story of freedom and sacrifice. That is, the freedom of Epic and Apple to sacrifice every innocent bystander caught in the ruckus. Oh, and Google is involved, but nobody cares about Google.

Also Tencent. And Sony. And Microsoft. In fact, LOTS of people are involved in this embarrassing little media circus. And none of this is suspect or worrisome at all!


  1. François Bergmans

    – Apple “tax” 30%
    – Epic’s reduction for direct purchase 20%

    Guess where the 10% difference goes ? Epic’s pockets of course.

  2. WanderingRandomer

    This is basically how Cyberpunk got started.
    *checks the year*
    … oh god

  3. It’s the third economic collapse our generation has seen Jim, the yuppies managed to cock it up at the end of the 80’s too.

  4. “you remember the Google stadia”

    More than Google does

  5. Just a reminder that Satoru Iwata is no longer with us, and when his company wasn’t performing well, he took a pay cut for himself and minimize the chances of layoffs.

  6. 2020 is surpassing Idiocracy levels of ridiculousness.

  7. “But developers deserve to be paid!!1!11!”
    We all realize Epic is fighting for a bigger cut for Epic, the company, and not for the individual developers who they are more than happy to underpay and overwork, right? Not to say that Google or Apple deserve the money either, but that argument has been ongoing and this sudden interest in the well-being of those who make your games when previously silent is both noted and extremely misplaced for the expressed goal…

  8. This is like watching two rich people fight over millions of dollars while I’m watching thinking can I please have just twenty bucks for gas please

  9. “YouTube recommends me to no one”
    That is 100% true… Yet I have to beat Trump and Ben Shapiro recommendations (ironically saying because I watched Jim Sterling) back to the depths of hell they spawned from repeatedly.

  10. Jim: “This! This is what u want!”

    25 yo Me: “… u rite.”

  11. damn. video hit one minute and i get to see something i want: Jim Sterling wearing lipstick shit-talking fortnite. i love it

  12. I remember, long long ago, when Google was considered and right at the start even WAS the small fry fighting for the people.

  13. I remember waiting so long for this interesting-looking zombie survival game with fort-building and tower defense mechanics. It looked like it would be fun, but the devs had been silent for years.

    Then PUBG came out and suddenly the devs released the game out of nowhere but as a battle royale.

    Weird to think how Fortnite started as a practically unknown game with no publicity that I waited several years for, only to be released as a massive, but entirely different game that I still haven’t touched.

  14. Watch they take your dance and call it the “Awkward Jimmie” dance just because it’s fuckin Epic and that’s their thing

  15. I’m honestly aghast at how Epic thought this would be a good time to pull this shit. There’s a literal global pandemic going on which has caused rampant unemployment and homelessness. People are protesting police brutality which is being answered by, surprise, more brutality and authoritarian scare tactics. Our voting rights are systematically being dismantled at the base level.

    But yeah, Epic and/or Apple making slightly less money is what we need to focus on when my country has 176,000 deaths confirmed to be from COVID-19 and a current unemployment rate of 10%. It’s going to be real fuckin’ hard to make money when the customers are all dead or broke.

    I wrote this before finishing watching the video. Thanks Jim for nailing all the same talking points.

  16. 4:00 believe me, the middle class is getting trickled down upon…. With yellow colored rain.

  17. Yes. Epic Caused this “problem”. There are other ways to renegotiate the 30% payment. Epic is not your friend. They actively hurt you to help themselves.

  18. Seriously, YouTube doesn’t even want to recommend the Jimquisition to me and I always want to watch and am all over that Bell… It’s almost like a gigantic late-stage capitalist tech company doesn’t like it when someone consistently points out bad things about some gigantic late-stage capitalist tech companies…

    Awesome lip color.

  19. Epic: Sues apple over locking apps to one app store
    Also Epic: Locks games to one store

  20. Let’s all laugh at an industry that never learns anything, teeheehee.

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