Suicide Squad and Gotham Knights – Just A Fun Trailer Reaction Video! (OMGH)

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Who is HYPED for Suicide Kill the Justice League? Who is STOKED for Gotham Knights? I’m sure ALL are, and I’m sure none of us have something to say about anything shady, suspect, or harmful that has done. Let’s watch these great trailers!

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  1. YouTube actually notified me on time? What is this arcane magic

  2. I just needed something to watch while I was making food and bam I got one

  3. Jim, who has a gun at your head? You sound so calm, like you’re hiding your true anger. Yell “pounding it” if you’re in danger!

  4. Sylvester Stogether

    Evil Superman. That certainly hasn’t been done to death already.

  5. “I think there may have been one story…” (Rummages around for dramatic effect) “ah here we go!”

    Love the sass you employ on such dark and horrible topics! I’m gutted from what we’ve heard about Rocksteady lately!

    Keep fighting the good fight Jim ♥️

  6. Richard Glasscock

    3:49 You said Rockstar’s. Though same rule applies to them.

  7. “Ubisoft Montreal that’s a different bunch of abusers”
    that killed me XD

  8. 3:50 you said Rockstar instead of Rocksteady and it isn’t even a lie, both companies have abuse issues

  9. musisikamardotcom

    A hopeful Superman is now considered an Anomaly. Sad, really sad.

  10. When Jim has that whimsically happy tone in a video, you know he’s up to something cheeky.

  11. “If you’re reading this, I’m dead, had to fake my death because I’m a CEO and the shareholders asked why I wasn’t groping women and overworking people”

  12. Well done. Seriously, Bravo. This is exactly what every trailer reaction should be for companies that need to be held accountable beyond the “hot news” phase!

  13. I’d be far more interested in a Rocksteady product regarding the DC universe if they weren’t, much like Ubisoft, covering for people implicated in se-*Ending riff*

  14. Icarax Keeper of Jericho

    Jim, Jim, Jim… taking these complaints seriously would require spending money! And we all know these poor companies don’t have a penny!

  15. So you’re telling me the things I love have got a troubled development that is being swept under the rug and not being rectified with no more than a butt covering exercise that is super interesting why don’t more people discuss this. I have always been so disappointed in any industry where this bs occurs it has made me really think about what games I buy and support not to mention that fact that in game purchases or what ever the industry is calling it this week are only there to line the pockets of the people at the top and won’t ever stop people being laid off. In short thank you Jim for not backing down and bringing this up at every possible opportunity there needs to be more people like you who have the guts so stand up and say somethinf

  16. I legitimately wouldn’t have known about this stuff without you, cheers Jim

  17. We all know Batman isn’t dead in this game. Mister Money maker isn’t going anywhere.

  18. Also don’t forget there were allegations that the woman who started the letter got fired because of it from the company

  19. ♀¨•♠ö║í±☻~

    Oh, the hilarious joke that is “company training”. I speak from experience when I say that some companies will put in such a non-effort to get their employees up to speed on the latest device, policy, or _global pandemic or whatever_ that they’ll just casually ask everyone to read or watch a thing whenever and confirm that they read it or watched it. Content won’t load because the computers haven’t been updated since the 1990s? Well, the “Confirm” button loaded, didn’t it? Just give that a click so we can all get on with our jobs!

  20. “I’ve always found Nightwing to be a bit of a hottie.” – *Said every DC character ever.*

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