FIFA 20 Is A Shitshow: Data Leaks, Broken Modes, Scam Ports

FIFA 20 has been pretty much a debacle since it launched, and I figured we could do a roundup of the various nightmares.

First of all, a data breach leaked personal information of players signing up for a competition. Secondly, FIFA 20’s career mode is a broken mess. Third, the Switch version is basically a con.

What a time to be alive!

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  1. scuse me, clicked as fast as lighting, I bought this every year since I was a kid, This is the first time I never bought it, this video is long overdue may the bonfire fifa burns on give us warmth

  2. Jim you’ve got your 300th jimquesition coming up, make sure you do something for it and don’t forget like with the 200th, I promised I’d remind you.

  3. E egregious
    A avarice

    It’s in the greed

  4. Triple AAA games:exist

    Hackers:its free real estate

  5. I for some reason was expecting Jim to say “Ubisoft’s servers died so I’ve got some poison on my blade and let’s go!”

  6. How does one manage to make an annual released asset flip worse then last years? Ask EA, they sure as hell know the answer.

  7. You can’t spell SCAM without EA.*

    *E sold separately.

  8. The Ghost Recon servers are still down even after doing this video. “Live” services, everybody!

  9. “Sees title”
    So it’s a normal FIFA game?

  10. “Same gameplay from FIFA 19 without any new developments or significant enhancements” – Should be on the box for the regular version too.

  11. “In general, just don’t buy EA games on the switch.”

    In general, don’t buy EA games at all.

  12. I love the tone that Jim uses when he reads a corporate statement – servile and whiny and evil. XD

  13. “I struggle with the perception that we’re just a bunch of bad guys”


  14. “Dont buy EA games on the Switch” – dont buy their games on any platform youre on, fixed for you. Also Konami, Ubisoft, Activision, Bethesda.

  15. “EA
    It’s in the game”

    Except for literally everything that’s not.

  16. “Fifa community have started a rebellion”
    After buying the game.
    And they’ll buy the next FIFA in 2020.

  17. “Fifa 20 is just Fifa 19 again…”

    Isnt fifa in a nutshell? And endless cycle of rehashed garbage with a new coat of paint, ie player roster and kits…. something that can be updated via dlc each year…but no.

  18. I legit went “Oh-ho-HO!” when I learned there were 3 big controvesies about a game and a compamy I hate.

  19. “Jim Sterling is about to play our game Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, quick, shut down the servers!”
    – Ubisoft

  20. Okay so the fact that fifa literally just tricked people into buying fifa 2019 is truly one of the most screwed up things I’ve seen from this industry.

    Im frequesnly appaled by EA’s schemes but this one makes me legit hate them. This to me is so messed up that I just wanna see EA crash.

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