Death Stranding – The Drop Promotional Trailer | PS4

Reconnect a fractured society as Sam Bridges. Save us all.

Pre-Order Death Stranding for PS4. Out Nov 8th, 2019.


  1. This must be what happens to the ups guy because there’s no excuse for the way my mail arrives

  2. “It ain’t as simple as it seems” heh tell that to Kojima

  3. When you order a baby from Amazon.

  4. Ex Soldier of Midgar

    FEDEX ” we live to deliver”

  5. Amazon Prime: when we say 2 day shipping we mean it

  6. I’m definitely tipping this delivery guy.

  7. Everybody talking about Amazon but this is clearly the WiFi Guy. “It’s my job to reconnect us.”

  8. Amazon employee: “I don’t understand, why is everyone saying this game looks weird.”

  9. Love that theme music.

  10. Epic animefights 2019: GLS vs UPS

  11. At the end of The game:

    *Pizza time*

  12. Can’t wait for this and OST.

  13. The soundtrack is a masterpiece.

  14. No one:
    Amazon in 2050:

    Can’t make one? Just order a baby!

  15. My UPS delivery guy:

    “Pff amateurs…”

  16. 0:37 “hurry Sam, you know what’s at stake”
    *I dont even know who you are*

  17. So explain what death stranding is about

    “It ain’t as simple as it seems”

  18. 0:08 why am I suddenly reminded of that one scene in that Spongebob Movie

  19. *Everyone* : I love it, but I still dont know whats going on.

    *Kojima* : Hey! Me too!

  20. IGN: 10/10 “Makes you feel like the mailman”

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