Federal Trade Commission Will Investigate Loot Boxes In The US

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CORRECTION: I attributed an ESA quote to the ESRB. It’s basically the same pit of vipers, but be aware the statement came from a different set of letters.

The FTC has stated it will investigate loot boxes at the request of Senator Maggie Hassan. This follows regulation of loot boxes in Belgium, The Netherlands, and Japan, as well as troubling reports on the dangers of loot boxes from gambling commissions around the world.

In Australia, the government may also start looking at loot boxes. The ESRB continues to defend them as “enhancements” to videogame experiences, and it’s quite clear the “AAA” game industry has no intention of regulating itself, even in the face of possible outside intervention.

Oh well. They made their bed.

Source: https://variety.com/2018/gaming/news/ftc-loot-box-investigation-1203038178/

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  1. RIP original upload

  2. Another superquick fix by our godgiven lord!

  3. Jim Sterling’s videos are a bit like lootboxes these days. You never know if it’s gonna be there when you click the notification.

  4. Triple AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…………………………………………… live servicieeeeeeesssssssssss…………….. LOOTBOXES!

  5. Oh this is fucking perfect let’s see how this goes please let there be a ban on lootboxes force publishers to actually make quality games again!!!

  6. FTC will deem them not gambling to cover their overlord’s wallets.

  7. The ESRB is the NRA of the gaming industry. A group that purports to be about protecting and informing the consumer, but then turns around and protects corporate interests and lobbies on their behalf when protecting the consumer means that businesses might lose some profits from exploitative practices. What a useless, vestigial leech on the industry from a bygone era.

  8. I changed one word in the original video, where I misspoke someone’s name. That is the big mystery as to why the first version was replaced.

  9. 1:50 Loot boxes are now considered an ‘industry’… A 50 billion dollar one as well…. Wtf video games… 🙁

    Edit: Actually I think they were saying loot boxes will contribute to a 50 billion dollar ‘gaming’ industry by 2022. Goes to show I will believe people will propagandise anything in internet articles…….. Still sad I guess..

  10. In unrelated news, lots of money being transferred through the banks after this announcement was made.

  11. EA probably starting to wish they didn’t start this crap lol. The ESRB needs ending, they are just big publisher mouthpieces, they are irrelevant!

  12. I had been telling people we are on the verge that video games are having to have Goverment regulation because this industry is so unregulated and just does what it want with little to no consequences. When you involve children we as a whole tend to push laws to protect them more so then other laws. This kind of stuff is not new at all, but the games industry is so bullish thinking it can just do anything and make money from people who actually have legit problems, but when it involves children then it becomes a nightmare for them trying to defend because they are activly harming childrens mental health while profiting off of it. Very few peope will defend something that horrific.

  13. in other words hopefully this will be game over for loot boxes

  14. i can already taste the tears of whiny corporate apologists.

  15. I have little to no faith this is going to end in anything but “Technically not gambling, ‘contains in-game purchases’ and ‘warning: gambling is a serious addiction, if you think you have a problem call a hotline’ on the box is sufficient”. The US is a nation where corporations regulate government, not the other way around, thanks to what is effectively legalized bribery (sorry, sorry, ‘campaign contributions’).

    If they do a public comment period, please please PLEASE forward those letters you’re getting. Even if they don’t, send them to the congresscritters who called for the investigation, keep the pressure on.

  16. The US is the last place that will actually oppose lootboxes in a meaningful way. Too profitable. Money always wins here.

  17. Careful there Jimmyboy youtube vidoes like this make Kotaku’s Jason Schreier very angry and when he gets angry his voice gets very high pitched and annoying.

  18. This whole thing is hilarious.

    People: Dude, this is basically gambling.
    Loot box publishers: No it’s not!
    People: It has all the trappings and psychological trickery of a slot machine, though.
    Loot box publishers: NO! It is not legally gambling, so it isn’t gambling!
    Various countries: Actually, we’ve updated our laws, recognizing that it IS gambling.
    Loot box publishers: NO! It’s! Not! Gambling! Your interpretation of *your own law* is wrong!
    People: Hang on, it’s got the trickery of gambling AND it’s legally defined as gambling in certain countries. What more does it have to do to qualify as gambling to you guys?
    Loot box publishers: IT! JUST! ISN’T! **Sweats profusely and looks over their shoulder**
    Shareholders: **Sharpen sacrificial knives** This had better not affect the 15% stock increase we’re expecting this quarter, or we will need to replace you with someone who CAN get us what we want…

  19. “They have no real-world value” is a pretty shit excuse for loot boxes. So, their argument is people are spending their money on worthless junk, and that’s why they’re a *good* thing? Also, it’s a blatantly false argument, because people sell their accounts for some online games if they’re loaded up with rare stuff, not to mention the whole CSGO skin auctions.

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