PlayStation Classic Using Inferior PAL Versions For Nine Games

The PlayStation Classic is out December 3, and the closer we get, the less enticing a sales pitch it becomes. Its underwhelming lineup will feature nine inferior PAL versions, with titles like Grand Theft Auto and Tekken 3 running at a lower 50hz compared to the 60hz NTSC standard.

For someone like me, who grew up in the UK, it’s business as usual. Still doesn’t make it cool, especially when the PAL/NTSC discrepancy is a thing of the past.

Sony’s really doing the bare minimum here, huh?

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  1. Love your stuff Jim

  2. Wtf is wrong with them? First, Life of black tiger. Then the censorship, now this? Are we in the twilight zone?

  3. I’m glad resident evil is the pal version so it doesn’t have the god awful soundtrack the US version had

  4. It’s almost like it’s a nostalgia cashgrab. 🤔

  5. Worst thing about the line up is that nearly all of this games have been ported, remastered or released so it seems pretty pointless

  6. Well, the refresh rate isn’t the only difference. It was higher resolution (576i vs 480i) that PAL had over NTSC. So it’s a trade-off. I guess it’s just a shame you’re not given a choice of the version it runs.

  7. Disappointed, but not surprised at all.

  8. Might as well find the REAL original Playstation instead. At least it will have more games.

  9. Personal opinion, but if Sony rereleased the PS2 Slim with better online functionality and sold every game ever archived for $5 each, they’d make literally all the money in the world. Again.

  10. *O D D O W O R L D*

  11. The sound of nostalgia: BWOOOOOOWHHHHAAAAA SHIIIII DUdududooo

  12. Sony Europe pulled a similar stunt with their re-releases of PS1 and PS2 games, using 50hz PAL code. They even use 50hz code for PS2 classics on the PS4.
    Nintendo originally relied on 50hz code as well, but has since then moved to 60hz code across all regions.
    But for some reason Sony refuses to let go of the ghost of 50hz/PAL.

  13. Well now I’m definitely canceling my pre-order. I don’t know why I thought pre-ordering anything in this current state of gaming was a good idea in the first place.

  14. I look forward to the PS2 Mini coming out with no Shadow of the Colossus, Devil May Cry or Kingdom Hearts, but it does have Pirates of the Caribbean: The Legend of Jack Sparrow.

  15. _Gee I wonder why people emulate old games._

  16. People may frown upon emulation all they want but I built myself an RetroPi recently for less money than Sony is charging for their PS Classic and I’m having a blast. Given, ripping Iso’s from your old disks is a bit of work initially but hey, THPS2 and Soul Reaver are just must haves for me. Also, using a PS4 controller is a nice bonus.

  17. I’m sure this was pointed out multiple times by others, but I’m sorry I have to say this again because it just baffles me: PlayStation Classic apparently uses PCSX emulator, so basically game companies constantly pursue any means possible to anihilate emulators, but at the same time they are perfectly okay with cashing on other people’s effort and find their way to our wallets with as minimum effort as possible. This should be put into dictionaries as a definition of hypocrisy. PS Classic is truly worth the title of ripoff that for instance butchers from AtGames were enviously holding for so long with their crappy Genesis/MegaDrive mini consoles.

  18. Pal version is better cause you can play co-op with your pals… Okay, maybe not 🙁

  19. They couldn’t find the NTSC versions because Nintendo got the isos taken down when they went after their own properties.

  20. I loved my PS1 games. I still own and play them. And no loot boxes in sight. Expect for the treasure chests in the Final Fantasy series. Thank God for that. And thank God for Jim.

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