Fallout 76 Collectors Edition Comes With Crap Nylon Bag, Not The Advertised Canvas Bag

Fallout 76 is bad. This much we already know. But the game just lurches from disaster to disaster, and now it’s caught up in a bit of a false advertising scandal.

The $200 Power Armor Edition of the game was advertised as containing a neat looking canvas bag. The final product contained a dreadful looking nylon one. Bethesda’s response, followed by Bethesda’s other response, has been less than savory.

This game is an embarrassment.

Source: https://www.resetera.com/threads/fallout-76-200-collectors-edition-comes-with-nylon-bag-instead-of-canvas-update-bethesda-responds.83714/

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  1. “It was too expensive to make” – I mean they literally PAID YOU FOR THIS PRODUCT. WHICH PART OF THE $140 COULDN’T COVER IT TO MAKE. ITS A BAG.

  2. Yep, they actually said there was an “unavailability of materials”.
    Canvas is made from cotton.
    Bethesda is in Maryland, USA.
    USA produces 17 million bales of cotton every year.

  3. But Jim, receiving a nylon bag in the mail is more fun with friends.

  4. I had a feeling Jim is going to have a fking FIELD DAY on this.

    Was not disappointed.

  5. Lol the law firm looking at doing the class action lawsuit on this is gonna have a field day with this

  6. Bugs so bad, they’re infecting the real world!

  7. Clearly Bethesda can’t get their lies in order: Claiming the originally advertised Canvas Bag was a prototype and they only found out it was too expensive to produce after the advertisement photo was taken is bull shit. Cost is determined as the first prototype is made. So they found out how much it would have cost, they put the advertisement together, *THEN* they decided they wanted more money and changed to the shitty nylon bag because it was (Survey Says:) less costly.

  8. It’s amazing how much deeper this hole goes.

  9. At this point, I want to give Elders Scrolls 6 to other devs.

  10. The Power Armour Edition costs $200 in the USA, bloody $300 in Australia and despite the game being a digital copy, their excuse for the redesign was it’s too expensive? You can buy a good duffel bag for around $30, this whole thing reeks of penny pinching to maximise profits.

  11. “Sorry about the fake bag… Here’s some fake money”

  12. Sorry Bethesda, but your atom currency and your apology have no real world value.
    “Turn players into payers” oh Bethesda, don’t worry, you’ll pay dearly.

  13. Canvas is the new gold.
    Stock pile it while you can, and spin your “$$$ For Canvas” sign.
    We will all soon be rich as tax-avoiding AAA Publishers!

  14. Isn’t false advertising a good cause for a class action lawsuit?

  15. “The bag is optional and doesn’t affect the game experience”

  16. 2:41 “Due to unavailability of materials”? It’s CANVAS, not unobtanium!

    You can go to eBay, search “canvas by the yard”, and pick up as much as you need starting around $10/yard. I’m currently seeing milspec 21 oz OD green canvas for $13/yard. Which is probably the issue–you’d need about $25-$35 worth of materials to make the bag, and that would cut into Bethesda’s profits too deeply on a $200 bundle.

    Which means *that “temporary employee” was likely 100% right* about the expense.


  18. Bethesda gave us false hope, we expected one thing but got a wrinkly sack to play with instead.

    And now this with the bag smh

  19. “Pride and accomplishment”
    “Don’t you guys have phones”
    “If you don’t like it don’t buy it”
    “We aren’t planning on doing anything about it”

    Can the industry crash already?

  20. I don’t think that Bethesda has this one in the bag.

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