Dragon Ball FighterZ – Goku Ultra Instinct Launch Trailer

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A true warrior’s strength knows no bounds – Unleash the power of Goku Ultra Instinct on 22 May in Dragon Ball FighterZ, and two days earlier with the FighterZ Pass 3!

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  1. First

  2. It’s official. No matter what your favorite fighting game is, it doesn’t have as much drip as this game. That’s just fact now.

  3. Goku Black Ssj Rose

    Mad props to y’all this trailer with the music makes this character looks 10x more cooler than he already is

  4. 1:16 Goku just standing there like he just performed a raging demon and waiting for the screen to go black and white saying it

  5. Krillin:”why is the world arena shaking?”
    Beerus:”he’s coming”

  6. “No one’s hurt my friend”

    “Except, you know, more or less the entire cast.”

    • @luke685 even Krillin did him dirty in Dragon ball

    • @ultimamage3 Gohan fought Goku as the great sayiman

    • King Nexus MOCs

      “”No one’s hurt my friend””

    • Tbh he did end up winning against everyone but Cell and Vegeta.

    • Yeah I kinda felt like this particular line was totally out of character in the episode.
      We’re talking about the same guy who fights even his friends for fun (and improvement), who let Gohan get sandbagged by Cell and who generally goes by the lline : “it’s okay we can wish them back to life later”.The only time he truely got angry was that one time his friend Krillin reached his limit of resurrection.
      It was like he suddenly turned into Luffy or something. And it was particularly weird here, because ultra instinct’s principle was supposed to be having a clear mind.

  7. TheOkiestFanBoi

    1:12 feels like it’s a dramatic finish

  8. “Available in Anime Music Pack 2”


  9. Otaku The Great

    That’s some CLEAN edits BOI!

    “I’m where I am today because of all my friends.”

    *Shows montage of Goku’s base to present*

  10. 1:27 – 1:36 The music,graphics and voice acting made that moment SICK!

  11. 1:27 Goku is having Mic problems, did they forget to change the level of the MIC?

  12. Jiren: I’ll fight without using my feet.
    Goku: Fine i’ll fight without using my shirt

  13. Everyone : *Talk about how they are excited.*

    Me: *This is one of the best launch trailers ever.*

  14. Kyoto / كيوتو

    me : the perfect trailer doesn`t exie….
    Bandai namco : hold my beer

  15. I’ve seen a lot of people comenting that the moment where Goku says “I’m where I am today becouse of my friends” contradicts what it is shown (all the versions of Goku). I think not only that it is not contradictory, but also that it is genius. I think that this man is so badass, that shows you all of his hard work, all the things that he has been through, and instead of saying “yeah I did this” he’s like “It’s becouse of my friends that I was able to do this”. Now, I’m not exactly a Goku fan, so I don’t know if that’s actually the philosophy of the character, but definetly it’s what the video tries to say in that moment.

    • CinnamonToast_Choppa

      Ironically that’s actually the complete opposite of Goku’s philosophy

    • @Hade First of all, I wanna say thank you to every person that has complimented my comments, I’ve never done this and I was a little afraid that the awful side of the internet was going to make me have a bad time, but I actually found the opposite. Even the people who disagree have been rather respectful. Secondly, I guess that it is true that Goku is not a very deep character, if you compare it to another character from a series that I love (Guts from Berserk) it’s very easy to tell the difference. However, I don’t think that being a simple character equals bad wrighting, nor lack of quality. I think that almost every deep character is a good character, but I don’t think that being deep is a requirement for being a good one. What I’m about to say was already said by the Limit Breaker, but I still wanted to say it with my words. Goku is a great character becouse his simplicity affects other characters that are not simple. Vegeta has a great character arc in the Saiyan saga and Namek saga, and it was becouse of his interactions with Goku. The same can be said about almost every friend Goku has. He is not a character that evolves, but it’s a character that makes evolution happen. I find myself liking Goku more than I ever thought I would, becouse he is a good character in a not traditional way. But precisely becouse he is a nonconventional character, I can see why many people either don’t like him or think that the writing behind him is not clever. My suggestion for looking at Goku is to stop focusing on just Goku, and start looking at his surroundings. Then you would see that this man is like a virus that infects everyone who is around him, and makes them change in a way that no one would ever think possible.

    • @White Drake One of the reason Goku is a simple character is because he has a flat character arc. A flat character has simple personalities because they move the plot. Check out Totally Not Mark video on Goku. Another reason is probably because Dragon Ball (manga) was written even before the big 3. Unlike the current anime/manga which had bloomed in variety and quantity as well as quality, back then anime/manga was a small niche. Comparing Goku’s lack of personalities to today standard is a bir unfair considering the change in storytelling from what? Early 70 or 80 to something 30 or 40 years later. Although admittedly, IMHO super dumbed down goku. Back in Z he spent time with his family whereas now we hardly see him spending time with his family

    • Seal that’s not the point of dragon ball tho

      Dragon ball is about how goku changes the world and people around him

      Totally not mark made an excellent video on this

    • Nobblk Praetorian

      “I’m where I am today because of my friends”
      Unlocks SSJ because Krillin exploded
      You make a good point.

  16. Keith Etsu Akihiko

    I love how they showed SSJ4 in the mix of all the SSJ Forms. Mad respect for that now

  17. Just Some Guy with a Mustache

    I mean if they weren’t going to use that song in the launch trailer for Ultra Instinct, what would’ve been the point of even having him in the game?!

    • I just found you the previous video not related to this for 10000th time do you have the same recommended as me?

  18. Jose Luis Aviña

    Wow. They went all out with this trailer. Even the “I’m here today because of all my friends.” part was so powerful to hit the audience.

  19. *Reveals Ultra Instinct Goku again*
    Everyone: “It’s even better a second time!”

  20. “I’m where I am today because of all my friends.”

    *Shows SSJ4 Goku*


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