Beg Like Dogs For Electronic Arts! (The Jimquisition)

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Over 50,000 people signed a petition begging Electronic Arts to let them give money… to Electronic Arts.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 received its final major update recently, and fans have taken that to mean the game is dead, even though it’s still being supported with fixes and regularly scheduled events. The game will be playable for some time to come, but fans are begging for premium content to “save” it.

There’s a steady implication that games stop being worth playing the moment they stop getting new content, that a game lasts as long as its virtual currency does, that games need constant updates and that we must plead and pledge money to get them.

What rot. Begging publishers for their predatory attention is not what I’d call a positive activity.


  1. I remember when $60 for the game was enough for me to get a decent singleplayer and an ok multiplayer. Now its $60 and even more after release cause muh development costs money, like it was us forcing them to rush the game out with only 4 maps and only 10 heroes.

  2. In the wise words of Scar

    “I’m surrounded by idiots”

  3. Justin Underwood

    Jim laughing at his own “Ludwig van Bastard” joke is legit endearing.

  4. Constant stream of conent or game is dead.

    Starcraft: Hold my Vespene.

    A good game can always stand on its own.

  5. As a 24-year-old I was baffled to hear that I’m 6 to 26 years removed from your main demographic. Love your content, keep it up Jim!

  6. Two weeks ago I saw someone begging for microtransactions to be put into Remnant: From the Ashes. The developers actually responded to that. Wanna know what they said? “The best way to support us, if you enjoy the game, is to tell a friend!” This is how you can tell a studio actually cares.

  7. I’ve been a fan of Jim’s content for years, and I was like… fresh out of high school. I’m 26 now.

    I always just found Jim’s over the top personality very amusing, because my Aspie brain finds it funny that ‘this big man here is acting so bombastically there’s no way that that’s an actual person but a caricature’. The pompous and arrogant persona is a sign of entertainment for it’s own sake between the actually informative meat of the Jimquisition.

    I just felt the need to say this during the whole “30s to 50s” segment because I just want to show my support, even tacitly.

    Thank God for You, Jim.

  8. When you’re proud and grateful that you live in chains…

  9. 36 and I acutely remember the horse armor. I laughed my ass off. I was also horrified in dragonage when an npc talks you directly into dlc with in-game dialog. I only play games now that are complete or indy with limited dlc.

  10. I wouldn’t be surprised if EA itself started this petition.

  11. Ive had my day ruined by having the reminder that there are tens of thousands of mindless monetary zombies who beg corporations to continue the abuse.

  12. Some BF2 Tool: “From my point of view, the people fighting against Microtransactions are the real villians!”

    Me: “Then you are truly lost”

  13. “30s-50s”
    >all us 15-19 year olds who put our age as 1970 🙄😳

  14. Faolan Hart {Animal Above The Man}

    Man I’m only in my early 30s & I’m already unironically saying “back in my day”.

  15. 7:20 – Sounds like a standard addiction story to me. These kids desperately need immediate counseling or intervention.

  16. Pork Shoulder appears to be a relatively chill cat. She’s just trying to live her life.

  17. I love Jim’s little arm flaps and heel bounces when he says “and that is my talk on…” like a happy little penguin who has just found the smoothest stone ever. Justin, you know what to do!

  18. As a teacher of secondary school students I can confirm that this behaviour is sickeningly normal. A massive portion of the students ask their parents for FIFA packs each birthday and their parents are more than happy to pay it

  19. Jim, as someone “in your prime demographics”, I can totally relate. I’m constantly on my daughter about her online habits and also about shit like microtransactions. My daughter, the loving girl she is, seems to just hear some harpy screeching. She even called me paranoid and said I give into my fears too much.

    I worry about the world we’re leaving them, when they refused to see how their being used or even care. But, alas, it’s just a sign of a much bigger problem.

  20. The real petition is: “SAVE THE WHALES!”

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