Mojang Studios: New Name, Logo, and Trailer!

In celebration of Minecraft’s 11th birthday, we’re unveiling a refreshed name, a new logo and this very trailer! Meet the mysterious little gizmos known as the Mojangs, and get the full inside scoop at


  1. Mojang: We want a new logo!

    Graphic Designer: *swiss cheese intensifies*

  2. Well it’s official Mojang will now be making more games, here’s hoping they become as iconic as Minecraft.

  3. Terraria: Gets its last update
    Minecraft: *So anyway, I started making games and films*

  4. Everyone’s still just gonna say Mojang.

  5. MMMMMMMMMM I’m going to miss the old Mojang logo 🙁

  6. Let me guess, your home?
    -It was,
    *shows the orange logo*
    -And it was beautiful

  7. Yeah, but everyone is still going to say mojang

  8. i thought this meant they were renaming minecraft and almost had a heart attack


    Everyone’s still just gonna say Mojang.

  10. *Sees old Logo disappears*
    “Good bye old friend, and may the force be with you”

  11. *_”We’re prepping a feature film,”_*

    *_*Heavy breathing intensifies_**

  12. 0:29
    Wow they put Aw man, that’s just great
    Oh someone saw it
    *aW mAn*

  13. basta mi arrendo

    everyone: “we want cave update”
    Mojang: **Mogian Studus**

  14. 1:08

    You’re welcome now you can have the satisfaction with just one click in an instant

  15. “a stroke of genius”
    Are they joking or am I just missing something

  16. ヤーングprxnce

    “Wait wats that company that made minecraft?”
    “Nah its not mojang…..”
    “Oh yeah thats right, theyre called…

    *m o j a n g s t u d i o s*

  17. Her: So we will be releasing a movie too and also we will b—-


  18. Community: Cave update!

    Mojang: Did someone say new logo?

  19. Mojang: Adds studio at the end of their name
    Also Mojang: Which in a stroke of genius inspired our new name, mojang studios.

    • diamond stingwray

      It’s because it’s not a single place anymore they have studios all over the world so it makes sense

  20. “These are the mojangs”
    *Visible confusion*

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