Diablo Immortal Announced As A Mobile Game And Fans Fly Into A Disappointed Fury

This is one of those “how did you think it would go?” moments. Blizzard announced Diablo Immortal as a mobile to the apathy of the crowd and the anger of the online set.

As I type this, we’re in the “backlash to the backlash” phase as pundits call fans entitled. We will likely soon enter the “backlash to the backlash to the backlash” phase.

Personally, I don’t much care about a mobile game one way or another, but it’s amazing how they thought the BlizzCon crowd would love it, and there’s no way Activision hasn’t wanted an aggressively monetized mobile game forever.

That’s my personal issue with it, as always. The fact Diablo is ripe for loot boxes and microtransactions, and as we’ve seen with both Dungeon Keeper and Command & Conquer for EA, the mobile space is the perfect place.

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  1. Do you guys not have phones? …..

    We have a console for people without internet, its called Xbox 360….

  2. Blizzard always wants some form of monetization and esports feature in their games. Diablo is the only game in their portfolio which does not have any of these qualities. It’s really unfortunate and it sucks for diablo fans.

  3. Jim I’d like to take umbrage with just one thing you said.

    NO PC game EVER ‘translates well’ to mobile.

    at absolute BEST they ‘translate ok’, and that is the ultra-rare Bobby Fischer whiz-kid super genius wizard exception to the rule. MOST of the time they are dumbed down to a simplistic ghost of the previous game’s gameplay, because tiny touch screens, despite being hailed as the tech of the future, don’t actually work that well for most things we use computers for
    (mobile typing sucks, mobile gaming sucks, mobile web-browsing requires most websites to create a SEPARATE, SPECIAL mobile version of their site because their ‘real’ site looks like crap on a 4 inch phone).

    At this point we basically just ACCEPT that these big AAA publishers are going to shit games up with greedy monetization, the best we hope for is that the monetization model they choose won’t utterly fucking break the gameplay. But _mobile_? That’s just telling me that the gameplay is going to be shit BEFORE the monetization comes in. I’m not even gonna bother.

    No one WANTS to play a 100-hour rpg on their goddamn phone, Activision Blizzard.

  4. To me, this announcement was literally worse than nothing. At least if they’d announced nothing, I could hold out hope that they were working on some new content for Diablo 3. Now, I’m guessing this new game will become the development team’s primary concern, at least for the next few months.
    It’s not because I’m “entitled”, like pundits are inevitably going to say. It’s not because I hate mobile users. It’s because I don’t enjoy playing on a phone or using touchscreen controls. A tablet might work better for me, but dropping $150 or more on a new device to play one game? No thanks…anyone who thinks that is a reasonable solution truly is entitled.
    If this was simply a mobile port of D3 with a few features adjusted for the platform, I wouldn’t mind at all. I love this game, and I want everyone to have access to it. But they’re actually writing new lore for it, set in the period between Diablo 2 and 3 after Tyrael destroyed the Worldstone. I really would have liked to experience that firsthand. But unless they release a PC port, it doesn’t look like I’m going to.

    Edit: I also think it’s strange that Activision-Blizzard chose to announce this so close to the Switch version, essentially removing one of its major selling points right before the biggest holiday sales period. _”Now you can finally play Diablo 3 on a portable console! Buy it bundled with a Switch! Oh, and here’s another Diablo game you can play on the mobile phones you already own.”_

  5. Diablo Didn’t Just Die | It was Murdered

  6. Wouldn’t it be nice if mobile games could just have a set price, and, well I don’t know, NOT have microstransactions up the ass?

  7. When I hear “mobile” my mind goes to overpriced microtransactions, dumbed down gameplay, and poor controls. Like every other mobile game (except maybe Go, which isn’t my taste but I understand why it’s popular.) Not sure why they thought this was a good idea.

  8. lol, am I an old fogie for not having a cellphone? Why do people assume that everyone has a cellphone?

  9. “A new Diablo experience!”

    Hoe don’t do it

    “For mobile devices!”

    Oh my god..

  10. I hate Activision far more than I hate EA (and I really, really, REALLY, hate EA) and this is exactly why. The original Diablo got me into PC Gaming in the first place, and now ACTIVISIONblizzard has murdered the franchise right before my eyes.

    That’s the only correct way to say it now. ACTIVISION in all caps, and blizzard in all lower case letters.

  11. im glad i stopped supporting blizzard 10 years ago

  12. Yeah we all got phones but we all hate playing games on our phones and other mobile devices. Like literally hate.

  13. And they still refuse to patch in an offline ability for PC players.

  14. I’m not sure if Jim mentioned it or not, but they’ve also deleted and reuploaded their trailer video a number of times just to hide its abysmal like to dislike ratio. Also deleting comments, a lot of deleted comments from their trailer video on youtube. Anything remotely critical is deleted.

  15. AFakeNameCauseImParanoid

    Diablo has been dead to me since D3. D3 was way too ‘safe’ with very dumb story decisions I saw coming a mile away. Gameplay didn’t have anywhere near the level of creativity compared to D2. Even post DLC was still rather lackluster to me.
    This…Just shocked it hasn’t happened sooner because the auction house was already a thing.

    I’m not upset. Would have like a D4. But this is just disappointing.

  16. At this point im not sure whats suppose to work.
    1. We complain, they power through it
    2. They tell us what we want or tell us we aren’t the target audience.
    3. Loyalty to genre, story, and lore is expendable.
    4. Complain too much and they shutdown the game, the series and or the studio involved. (SW:BF2 & ME:A)
    5. They get caught, they apologize, they do it again, rinse and repeat (bungie)
    6. A lot of em are starting to blend into each other, im confusing publishers now.
    7. I cant seem to find a game that isnt bogged with some type of controversy, whether it be social, political or just uproar backlash from fans that either does something temporary, does nothing, or makes it worst.

    Idk anymore, dunno if ive just gotten older or jaded, but like the excitement is gone, never been this out of the loop of new releases or has an E3/Pax ever been this forgettable, nothing draws my attention other than all the drama from what the next big name company dun did this time.

    Game industry is like reality tv now

  17. “Do you guys not have phones?”
    Yeah because who needs the comfort of mouse, keyboard, and an actual screen.

  18. Just go play Path of Exile. It’s free with almost no pay-to-win (you do want to buy a few stash tabs for convenience/selling items once and never again, but it’s not even that hard to play all the content for 0 dollars), with new completely free content every 3 months or so and a dev team that talks to its community and actually gives a shit.

  19. “Do you not have phones?!”

    Bad way to adress the audience. Negative sentence almost feels like blaming the audience. Mistake.

  20. Critical Role Highlights

    I really hope “Do you guys not have phones?” becomes the new “You think you do but you don’t”.

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