Candice DeBébé’s Scandalous Secrets – The Nightmare Reborn (DTV)

Candice DeBébé is back and she’s worse than ever. The obnoxious, Lovecraftian horror has returned from whatever Hell she dwells in to ruin our lives. It’s a bad, bad time.

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  2. It’s 8am but I guess I’ll wake up now

  3. When I click the desktop notification it shows the video as private but when I click on the YouTube notification I get nightmare fuel….

  4. Monkey Zebra Productions: a Conor Mulgrew Channel

    Is this what Sterdust dreams?

  5. 3 seconds in, what unholy monstrosity have you bought upon this earth


    This is no joke, this is a real, interactive, mobile Candice Debebe’s experience, coming to a mobile device near you to provide you pride and accomplishment

  7. literally first second of the video and i already feel like i will never be myself again

  8. I change my mind. Take me back to a youtube that doesn’t notify me when videos are uploaded.

  9. Wow! A spiritual successor to Celeste!

  10. Aw man I was totally expecting something more like the first

  11. So long, Deltarune. This is how a true sequel is born!

  12. you know what’s sad is, as bad as the art style is (probably intentional), whoever made this is a lot more proficient with Unity than every other greenlight shite Jim’s covered

  13. That guy singing inthe background nonstop feels like brainwash lmao

  14. I feel fundamentally and profoundly changed. Like my mind’s eye has been opened only i think its got conjunctivitis

  15. The music is the most grating noise I have ever heard, it sounds awful, sounds as if it was mixed on a dying cat, and “time to get SERIOUS” will get stuck in my head all day to the point I want to rip my ears out.

  16. That bg music has more autotune than an Eiffel 65 song.

  17. Still a better gaming experience than Diablo Immortal or the Fallout 76 and Battlefield V betas.

  18. Well, RDR 2 is apparently so good, that in order to balance the karmic scale not only that Diablo Immortal has to exist, but also this.

  19. Bet this game looks exactly the same on shrooms.

  20. Holy hell, this fever dream is back

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