Destiny 2 Caught Lying About End Game XP Gain

Destiny 2 contained a hidden XP scaling that actively lied about the amount of experience end game users were getting.

It’s fixed, but that doesn’t erase the fact Activision Blizzard was content with it remaining until it got caught.


  1. Jim’s shitting on publishers again, yay.

  2. Huh, I searched Jimquisition and as soon as I did I got this videos that was uploaded a min ago. Mayhaps a sign from God? Should I be thanking him for it?

  3. Makes sense, I mean it’s not as if we spent $60 on this game and are investing our time into this game so we get more XP. Oh wait…

  4. John Christian Basiloña

    it ain’t much a business if you can’t sell bullshit effectively… attaboy Activision!!! a little more then you can overtake EA as the dodgiest Publishers in gaming history!!!

    always remember, in gambling the House always wins…

  5. Oh no, Activision lying, what’s new?

  6. But Destiny 2 blows. Who would ever play it?

  7. Jim, you need an Activision-Blizzard version of “oh Ubisoft” and “Fuc-konami News”

  8. The Bungie I knew wouldn’t do this. They really are gone.

  9. EA: No one can fuck up like we do!
    Activision: Hold my beer.

  10. Fuck Activision, fuck Blizzard, fuck Bungie, they sold out to predatory gambling schemes and in doing so lost all their dignity and value. I hope new regulations end up crashing their whole gambling market.

  11. Sid Alpha needs help… Asshole dev is trying to shut his channel down

  12. wait a second… activision-blizzard… destiny and world of warcraft…

    holy fuck i only just realized that the same company owns two of the largest mmos on the market. that can’t be good

  13. It is quite alarming that big mainstream games aren’t designed to be fun anymore, but instead to mentally assault the player and manipulating them into spending more money

  14. Loot boxes should be made illegal.

  15. “We are sorry we got caught”

  16. “Truth is, the game was rigged from the start”

  17. There's a starman waiting in the sky

    I think I made the right decision not buying Destiny 2 and buying Nier Automata instead.

  18. Thats a cute poop !

  19. IGV IOS and Android Gameplay Trailers

    a Triple A publisher caught lying, say whaaaattttt?!

  20. *A C T I V I S I O N*

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