Dark Pictures: Man Of Medan – Ship Mates (Jimpressions)

Supermassive Games is following up the critically acclaimed Until Dawn with a series of shorter but similar horror experiences. Up first in the Dark Pictures Anthology is the aquatic Man of Medan.

Like a Quantic Dream game, except good, Man of Medan really shines through in its co-op, where two players work together and sometimes spend large stretches of the story apart. And of course, if someone dies along the way, you can always blame them.


  1. I just saw until Dawn’s sequel is out. It better be good! If it can survive the ole sterling

  2. Tom the comic book nerd

    I am dying at the intro…. perfect execution!!! That skeletal laugh is getting better I swear

  3. I would prefer it with the Skelator voice in the actual game.

  4. It’s like as if Jim was living under a rock while playing this game and completely oblivious to what the majority of players have been saying, Man of Medan is awful, sorry Jim, but you are wrong with this one big time.

  5. it would be nice if there was a way to tell your friend what happened through the game not through microphone… like you are playing with a friend without a mic and you just sometimes hear something in game then the two characters meet in game and you can ask what happened, your friend would be able to choose answers… maybe there wouldn’t be a time to ask sometimes and you just wouldn’t know ever… like really roleplaying it

  6. I was initially very disappointed with man of medan because the single player experience was so bland. The multiplayer online experience is way more engaging.

  7. I love that multi player decision making mechanic.

  8. Right out the gate I see that Jim likes it more than others, of course the ones I’ve seen have still praised the game. But everyone seems to agree that multiplayer is the best feature it has so that does explain why Jim enjoyed it more.

  9. Perfect Skeletor bomb. Wait, does that make it… He-Man of Medan?

  10. Jim is best Mysterio AND best Skeletor

  11. I played it and enjoyed it. It was fun and the chracters were likable enough that I cared what happened to them.
    BUT I personally feel the price is a little too high for what you get. I haven’t played Co-op though, so I guess that would add something tha tI didn’t get playing alone. Too bad I’m too much of a loner to have anyone to play with. XD

  12. I like it too, played by myself due to having no mates. Everyone survived on my first playthrough, now I’m going to do one where I make all bad decisions and mess up all the QTEs.

  13. Perfect Representation of me playing this game: “I PRESSED THE BUTTON, I SWEAR I DID!” Thank you Justin, glad I’m not the only one.

  14. 2:45 – So, Conrad is in the game, but Jonathan isn’t !?
    How’s “that” supposed to make him famous? :

  15. Huh, that’s neat. I watched a single player LP of this and I don’t recall the antagonists ever looking that zombie-like, makes me wonder how much actually differs with the single/multiplayer experience.

  16. Ha, the person who asked Jim to tear this game apart must feel silly now.

  17. “I didn’t find it a scary game, the jump scares are a little too desperate to get a scare out of you.”

    Now…either that’s poor writing and game design, or it’s a spot on, accurate representation of mid-2000s horror movies.

  18. I saw a single-player LP and found the game disappointing. Maybe multiplayer is different. But I prefer Until Dawn 🙁 The only rea; engaging part was the curator’s cutscenes. His character was done very well.

  19. Why do graphics seem worse than Until Dawn?

  20. The scene direction, editing, and dialogue are bizarre and stilted. It’s the epitome of “fun with friends,” but a dull slog when playing solo. Like watching a bad movie alone vs. together.

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