Apex Legends – Voidwalker Event Trailer

Listen to the voices in the Apex Legends Voidwalker event, featuring an exclusive Wraith Voidwalker skin, a secret underground Wraith town takeover, an all-new limited-time mode, and more!

Play for free now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Origin for PC: http://x.ea.com/57366.

Check out our YouTube channel: http://x.ea.com/56710.


  1. Remember, don’t be a “freeloader”

  2. Am I the only one that saw the new animation for the kunai and into the void??

  3. This trailers always telling me why i love this game keep the good work respawn

  4. The next event is gonna be called There’s still Money in your Wallets.

  5. This event is amazing and all of your trailers are amazing as well! Keep it up!

  6. If wraiths is this good. I can only imagine what Bangalore’s gonna be like.

  7. I need this soundtrack on Spotify

  8. Fortnites gameplay:*starts shooting missing every shot*
    Apex gameplay:*hitting their shots*

  9. *Apex Legends and Fortnite Get Into An Argument*

    *PUBG minding his business*

  10. Why must this game destroy the Titanfall lore I love so dearly

  11. Do y’all notice the graphics upgrade when choosing characters?

  12. Time to fail this my clssses and skip football practice

  13. Love how in every Apex video its a 2 or 1 shot kill with any weapon…

  14. Wraith: “Got you”
    Me: Goosebumps, Shivers, Nut

  15. “Enjoy the longbow before we nerf it into the ground” mode

  16. Amazing Character, Please make more of awesome characters and weapons & more beautiful maps

  17. Wraith event: happens

    Every other hero: This is an avengers level threat

    • @Vithor Nah, devs are slaves to the corporate suits. Whatever makes easy money is their priority. Players need to stop playing BR games.

    • @Nic Weas raras I’ll comment on your comment. What you gonna do about it, dumb kid?

    • @Sun rise yo dude do you still wanna squad up? I’m not that great but the more the merrier. I’m a good team player so I’ll cover your back

    • @Sun rise that is true indeed, but the devs are highly to blame too, like destiny 2 or division 2 devs that takes too long to fix several MAJOR bugs or try to fix it in the lazy way making it even worse, or takes too long to add some new content, even if its minor stuff like some new equipments, adding new playable content? No way, it takes months and months, to finally add what? 30 minutes or 1h and a half TOPS of new content.

      I know the publisher’s dumbasses are the major part to blame, but we cant look the other way when most games these days are bugged as hell and no priority or quick fix is given to these updates.

      I will always remember what destiny 2 devs did about the walk inside walls emote bug, they removed the emote from the game, even if temporarily? Nooo, they removed THE MOST COMPETITIVE PVP MODE of the game (trials) FOR WEEKS saying that they would put it back when the emote was fixed, LIKE WHAT THE FUCK

      Yes BR games are a plague these days, like Kojima said and i agree with him 100%, battle royale made devs lazy by creating games with the same model over and over again with no creativity and that halts the evolution/creativity of the gaming industry, its not a mode that have to vanish from the games, but it certainly does not help the situation

    • @Sun rise
      Oh so you’re a mobile player then

  18. You are trying to convert me into a wraith main????

    Edit: Wow 98 likes!!! Thank you all!!!

  19. 0:14 you’re a lesbian single mom with 2 kids.

  20. Everyone: it seem ok to me
    Caustic main: so many test subject

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