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  1. Sebastian Velazquez

    Im still not ready for all online for everything world. Some days online features just are slow or dont work , i still want to have ol reliable of just plugging in and a disc and im still okay

  2. Is it bring your son to work day today?

  3. Inside Gaming you may be breaking child labor laws, with using that 12 year old kid behind the computer.

  4. Real question is, do we trust our ISPs enough to maintain our gaming experience? Cause I don’t.

    I’m always going to use hardware mainly simply because ISPs pull too much bs for me to lose my hobby to their anti-consumer nonsense.

    • Neoshenlong Archivo 2008 - 2011

      Yep. I get stressed out of my mind when I get lag spikes every now and then playing multiplayer stuff, and there are times where my internet barely works. I have to call my ISP at least every two weeks and tell them “Hey, would you mind … I dunno… Giving me the service I pay for?”. And some of you would say “Then change providers nehnehnehneh”… Truth is I’m using the best ISP of my country. Been there, done that. All of them are shit. ISPs are the devil of the 21st century, there’s NO WAY I’m putting my entire gaming experience in their hands.

    • You must live in the U.S. haha, feel for you.

    • Verizon will sell you a family gaming plan, because that streaming data is harder to transmit than regular data.
      Why pay for something you don’t want?

    • lol. well, i don’t live in burgerland, so i can trust my isp. it is not a problem.

    • 9:05 lot high

  5. There is no debate here.

    Unless there is no latency, Stadia will (at best) get maybe a surge of initial interest from gamers who maybe do not follow the news closely, followed by drop off. Or at worst, it will just falter out of the gates. I am far from convinced Internet will ever be quick enough to completely remove latency from the equation.

    • @CorruptedMinds Maybe because the fact it’s free isn’t on the list of legitimate issues people have with it. It certainly doesn’t mean anything to me personally.

    • @Raven Singer the issues arent legitimate until the product is released. Having an issue with the technology behind it is like having issues with netflix or youtube. Regardless, this platform and others like it are the near future of gaming and all media. Get used to it, capitalism.

    • @CorruptedMinds You might want to read a few comments if you actually believe that. Not every concern has to do with the tech itself. Research a bit, bud.

    • @CorruptedMinds the issue is not with the technology (hard/softeware and core tech behind it) the issue is that it is currently, globally – not achievable by 85% of the gaming base. It cannot be supported or achieve the promises.

      And the games, subscription and hardware aren’t free.

      Besides, I buy one console per generation (ok, sell ps4 buy ps4 pro with 40% more investment) – so it’s saving me ~600€ over 6-8 years and thousands of gameplay hours.

      It’s not anything that would get me. I’m sticking to Playstation.

    • @Ivor Omerzo No, its free to use, you just have to buy games. There is no hardware unless you dont own a device with hdmi and a chrome browser. The subscription is only for 4k gameplay and the monthly game like ps+. I know gamers are the slowest to adapt to new things, but this games as a service option will happen everywhere eventually. Google making the onboarding as simple as playing through a browser or cellphone with 0 start up cost (other than the game) is a game changer for capitalism.

  6. “You’re either 17 or 42.” I’m dead lolol

  7. Geforce NOW from Nvidia is actually pretty good. It allows me to game on my laptop at like a friend’s house instead of bringing my whole desktop with me. I also allows me to play almost any game I already own instead of buying them all again.

  8. I know i’m gonna sound like an old out of touch gamer but, I like physical games.

    • Nicholas Stavinoha

      It’s always nice when the disc gets scratched and you can’t play it any longer.

    • @Piano Smile atleast you actually own the physical copy of a game

    • Nicholas Stavinoha

      Well yeah….

    • @Piano Smile dude, you’ve really got to put some effort into scratching a blu-ray disc beyond repair.

    • Robert Smith

      They use Blu-ray Discs to copy games to?

      Anyways, natural wear and tear will get to it eventually. It doesn’t even have to be scratched to be unreadable. Temp and humidity changes can also makes discs unreadable.

      Digital is the way to go. You’ll have those games for life.

      Now if we’re talking 4K Blu-ray’s or regular blu-rays for movies… definitely get the physical copy. So much more detail compared to streaming. Video and audio wise.

  9. Hay guys don’t give digital media all the credit for Game Stops failure, they helped to…

  10. Did you guys kidnap a high school boy???

  11. You know IG, you can buy a Switch and still keep your PC and console… one doesn’t have to replace the other.

    • THANK YOU!

      Seriously, this was bugging me the whole time. Pretty sure a whole lot of self-proclaimed “PC gamers” also own a console, and vice-versa. That whole argument is also completely stupid when you consider the fact that, unlike all the consoles around, Stadia does not require you to buy any hardware to play its games. If I want to play one of their exclusive, I just have to buy the game itself. I want to play Nintendo games today? I _have_ to own a Switch.

      Granted, they need to have good exclusives. But even if they don’t, maybe instead of upgrading my PC for new upcoming games I’ll stream them on their service, if it ends up being a reliable choice. I think there _is_ a crowd for that kind of thing and people are just being overly pessimistic for no damn reason.

  12. Who the hell is Zack and where is evil Lawrence with a gun???

  13. I thought console makers sell their consoles at a loss because they expect people to spend a bunch on games so they’ll make up their losses?

  14. Google will have to fix Australia’s terrible intenet speed for it to be a viable option

  15. A+ to lawrence for his cowboy bebop shirt (:

  16. the only futuristic gaming platfomr i want is dat PS6 from black mirror to play some p0rn street fighters

  17. All the Fortnites, CODs, and sports games players would absolutely skip out on buying next gen consoles.

  18. Akeem Babatunde Bakreen

    Nvidia has a better implementation with GeForce now, you can use the games you already own on PC

    • lol everyone thinks the internet is an issue, if you have limited data you are fucked that is true, however, anyone with unlimited internet with at least 10mbps can play or possibly even lower that’s just ONE MEGABYTE. I’ve been playing GeForce Now with 18mbps and I’ve had no issue with latency either, lol, these guys don’t know what they’re talking about, they’ll be the same people who do end up using Stadia pretending they never complained about it.

  19. Dodo birds are really cute

    *Shows unrelated video of penguins*

  20. one sentence: retail price for games that you can’t even download

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