Cyberpunk 2077 – Toss A Coin To Your Edgerunner (OMGH)

A new trailer for Cyberpunk 2077 is out, and that means I can do some stupid Internet Content for you to enjoy. Let’s see what this wacky game is up to with “The Gig” trailer, shall we?

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  1. Can’t wait. Hope I can crawl on tables like that lady. So immersive

  2. “Trans humanism is how advanced technology will allow mankind to ascend beyond the inherent problems of human nature. Cyberpunk is how it _won’t.”_

  3. I feel like game devs, when they are sure they’ve made a good game, which cdprojektred seems to believe (and so do I), they should invite Jim to play just out of spite

  4. “Press F to sick”
    Emergent gameplay

  5. I can almost guarantee this will be a good game. But I can not guarantee it will live up to expectations.

  6. Automatik Sn1p3r

    Just realized Jim laughs like an evil villian.

  7. SoS Legio Primus

    Jim, you missed that you can pre-order it on your ‘favourite’ new Game-client: STADIA.

  8. well now that is impossible, Deadly Premonition 2 is obviously the most ambitious this year

  9. If Jim likes Spunky Monkey, just wait until he learns abut Lizzie Jizzy!

  10. “I don’t know what to think”- most honest statement made by a video game pundit ever. (Love you Jim )

  11. “Press F to Sick”
    You mean like the dedicated Fart/Burp button in the original Grand Theft Auto? Or the Fart button in Abe’s Odyssey? I miss games having that kind of useless but funny functionality.

  12. Yo he said “Oh, Basketball villains!” lol

  13. I’m mildly sure there was probably some useful opinions in this, but all I’m going to remember is … “Basketball Villains”

  14. Jim is so used to dismantling the AAA gaming industry he struggles examining a gameplay trailer. We have created a monster.

  15. Honesty is one of the best traits Jim has, no matter how brutal it is.

  16. In the future, everybody seem to lose at least one of their limbs.

  17. Natesh Mayuranathan

    6:15 Nah, the complaint for this one is that it acknowledges that trans people exist.

  18. “I’m talking about leadership. if I didn’t care about developers I would not care about crunch.”
    well, I thought that was obvious but apparently not.

  19. Always love the cynicism. You can tell Jim is someone who has actually lived in the real world and doesn’t exist solely in the fantasy realms of the games he plays.

  20. Seeing that footage of another shitty game from the ‘creatures’ that made Skylight Freerange Gachduine makes me realize that I *REALLY* miss seeing Jim playing crap games on Steam!

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