The Last of Us 2 Isn’t That Bad – You Guys Are Just Dumb

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  1. This comment section’s gonna be a war zone

    • No kidding. I’m glad there’s at least *someone* who doesn’t treat the game like the literal Devil. Every story has its flaws, just like this one does. Personally, it’s refreshing to see someone actually talk about the *gameplay* side to the game and not just the story. Not going to lie, I just watched the full 10 hour “movie” of the game with the majority of gameplay edited out because I always felt that in both The Last Of Us Part 1 *and* 2 the travelling between locations felt really tedious.
      It’s an extremely unpopular opinion, but I personally loved the game. It’s got its own issues but it’s far from horrible.

    • This is just tomb raider with an 80’s movie revenge plot. @me!

    • Battle Rifle How about no?

    • Adrian Dezendegui Same. Though there’s more to the complaints than just trans and lesbian bad or ‘They killed off Joel’ from what I’ve seen.

    • @Adrian Dezendegui “Status Quo Warriors” lol that’s a good one

  2. You should change the tittle

  3. *opens up the comment section*

    “This is where the fun begins”

  4. brb gonna kick myself for audibly giggling at that cartoon “bonk” sound.

  5. most people aren’t mad that joel died. they are mad at how and when.

    • @lol warrior he really didn’t recoil a bit. But Joel still wasn’t the perfect survivors, he made loads of mistakes. So letting your guard down, and telling your name after 4 years living in Jackson isn’t as dumb fuck unbelievable as people want to make it seem.

    • @lol warrior Tommy was the first to tell his name, surely Joel didn’t think that just saying his first name would mean his death. It really isn’t that uncommon of a name, that doesn’t mean “trust”. Also the fireflies had been gone for quite a while at that point (or so everyone including Joel seemed to believe.) Telling yourself that these are plotholes, are really just to justify some way of hating his death. I will agree with you that the herd of infected was really dumb, and clearly just a way of moving the plot along.

    • Well when you think about it they were at the community for 4 years where it looks like nothing has gone wrong so Joel must’ve just had his guard down from life being so peaceful for so long and got into a position that he shouldn’t have been in but they were swarmed by zombies and had nowhere to go?

    • @MunchthatCrunch It’s how he died that has people mad, and there’s a LOT more to hate about the story than just that. And do you care to explain why all the marketing straight out lied about how much of the game he was in? Because last I checked, they didn’t use Abby to market the game at all👀🤔💯

    • I think the issue is the silly ultra violence that in both games. Joels death is silly because you go through the first game mowing down waves of enemies in cartoonish fashion. The entire catalyst for Abby’s revenge is that Joel kills every single soldier and doctor in the building to save elie…. Then he gets killed in a way that goes against his entire philosophy as a survivor in addition to out right making unbelievable that someone that makes such dumb mystakes could possibly accomplished the ending of the first game. The story literally drops everything so that this poorly staged death can happen. What happened to the infected that chased them. Why leave Ellie and Tommy alive when you know in this story one person can kill 10s of people? Whys every character flip motive at the drop of a hat with no build up? What is the point of forgiveness when you’ve killed literally everyone? What is the point of caring about abby when she at no point has addresses theme of forgiveness or have any introspection? Why is it that the viewer should sympathies with a character that hasn’t been established and even when you learn more about her has no redeemable or relatable traights? Im not agree joel dies or that abby kills him. Im mad because i don’t care about any of the characters because the narrative structure undercuts literally any feeling of investment i could have at every single turn. Yes joels death initiates the plot but what investment do i have in the plite of any of the characters. I only care about ellie because of the work put in by the first game shes has no redeemable traights in this game. At the time of joels death i only could be upset because of the work of the first game joels in part two is just cliche dead parent which is a let down for any established character because i feel no stake in his death.

  6. Saying Joel isn’t a ‘beloved’ character based on the fact that he’s done ‘bad things’ in a post-apocalyptic world is as DUMB as saying Rick Grimes isn’t a ‘beloved’ character in The Walking Dead.

    • @Josiah David you people clearly don’t understand what “Beloved” means. Has nothing to do with the character being good or evil. It’s about whether people love that character lol. To say people don’t love Joel as a character would be lying. Therefore he is beloved

    • MotorsportsMania21

      @Brandon Martin You’re just wrong kid.

    • The Martial Lord of Loyalty violent, egocentric and stupid is the combination of every survivor in tlou.

    • @Josiah David he is 100 percent beloved. We love Rick, Joel and Walter white. As well as the other characters do in their stories.

    • Josiah David joel is beloved by the fans, NOT the world he’s in. just because we love him and support his decision doesn’t mean the hundreds he murdered in game and the little girl he killed the father of has to. that’s the point. do any of you have basic reading/listening comprehension

  7. “Joel isn’t a beloved character” now I see where the dislikes come from

    • @SmittyToo What do you expect that everyone thinks like you or him? For some people “Joel isn’t a beloved character”, deal with it.

    • SmittyToo he also made a bunch of retarded criticisms and reached soooo much to make his point

    • Mcheetah Don’t be surprised almost ALL of cosmonaut’s videos are structured like that. He’s just the type that chases Notoriety by having fucking terrible takes and doubling down on them.

    • @Filip Vadas Are Captain Price and John Wick beloved characters?

    • I’m one of them that disliked, and I love this channel.

  8. А Цоя можешь?

    Her face is so calm while her hands are going crazeeeeey. What a disconnect!

    Me, who just watched progressive metal guitar playthrough:
    Meh, nope. that’s exactly how that shit looks like.

  9. The problem with this game is the story, in a story based driven game. It’s rightly criticized and should be.

    • Unbreakable Connection

      Dude 32 It’s a great apocalyptic story though? What were you expecting? Joel being an adoptive father again?

      Go play TLOU1 and stfu.

    • it’s also really boring

    • Beau van den Boomen

      Unbreakable Connection just because he’s criticizing this bad story does not mean he wants the same thing.

      go play this mediocre game and stfu

  10. “Joel is not a beloved character”.

    Are you trying to start a war?

    • Tay Jackson 😂😂😂

    • @Bruceiah James you’re brain dead lol joel is the most loved character you’re as dumb as the fool who posted the video saying this game hs good writting and stuff

    • @Joey Fortini Joel made a realistic choice. Would you let someone you love deeply die, knowing that they were the only light and happiness you’ve experienced in 20 years? It’s only human to be selfish.

    • Brandon Martin Ellie views him as trash
      But he isn’t really ‘trash’.
      He made the decision he made out of his own, selfish, love for Ellie. Sure, it wasn’t his decision to make but it was a very human thing for him to do.
      It makes him relatable, his flawed but does stuff out of love, that makes him lovable and kind even if morally grey

    • @Bruceiah James look up the word beloved in the dictionary 🙂

  11. The story is about forgiveness because of the final scene LMAO… its not like the whole 20 hours leading up were about revenge

    • Christian Tompkins

      Waste $60 and 25 hours or more massacring people just to be told revenge is bad lol

    • @H O O D L U M the poor execution is what everyone is saying, and yet not one of them are able to explain what was so poor about it.

      What else is there to understand about her character ? Abby wanted revenge because joel killed her dad and took away the world’s chance at a cure. You’re not expected to sympathize or empathize with her which could take time, but you’re supposed to understand, which should only take minutes.

      And if people do understand then why would you need a third game to further the plot?

      It’s only stupid if you don’t understand why abby did what she did. But you do. You may not agree with her, but you understand. It is also only stupid if you’re biased and thought joel didn’t deserve to be killed, which is also dumb. In simple words this game challenges your empathy and by the looks of it the gamers didn’t have any. Cus I they did, then no matter what, there wouldn’t have been any bias.

    • @H O O D L U M I’m not trying to sway you. Just showing that gamers were completely biased when they were judging abby’s motivation.

    • @BioticVolus170 He probably just likes good story’s

    • “The story isn’t about revenge, it’s about forgiveness”
      Uh, I’m pretty sure the people who wrote and made this game literally said it’s about revenge.

  12. Cosmonaut: “Joel is a violent anti hero, how can he possibly be a beloved character to people?”

    Me: *Thinks of Wolverine,Deadpool, Punisher, Ghost Rider, Vegeta, Alucard, and Light Yagmi* Yup, violent anti-heroes are definitely not beloved characters

    My second disagreement is majority of people are mad at *HOW* Joel died, not that he died(most people know this due to spoilers). Joel, the badass who NEVER trusted any stranger from the start and would rather stay clear from them(Ex: The family in the prologue and Henry & Sam from TLOU). This same character…walked into a room…full of armed strangers…stated his name (after the shit he has done)…and proceeded to say the most out of character dialogue I’ve ever heard, before being shot and eventually killed by the person he went out of his way to SAVE. You can’t tell me that isn’t bad writing, nor disrespectful to the character and fanbase that loved that character. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg of reasons(I will NEVER comprehend how Tommy didn’t see Abby taking aim)

    My third disagreement is that Neil called this a revenge story. Ellie killed many, MANY people to get said revenge, gave up friends and family, only to decide to not kill her. She essentially sacrificed everything for absolutely nothing. Nobody in their mind, in her shoes, would sacrifice everything only to decide to not do it(while killing her) and if you would, you’re kinda stupid for even starting the journey and killing all those people to begin with. In my eyes, Ellie basically wasted her time when she should have sat down, thought it through, and then maybe she wouldn’t be so miserable as she is now

    Overall though, I agree with majority of what you said and I really hope people listen to the points you make and not just read the title, dislike, and move on

    • he doesn’t like joel

    • Chooch_chuch the fact that their armed and dangerous is enough reason not to trust them what are you even saying by your logic Joel didn’t have much of a reason to distrust the group of hunters

    • Joel was my guy right up until he went full cynic and killed a hospital full of people still working on a cure for “us” essentially.

    • The moments where Joel met Abby were extremely circumstantial. They needed to escape or they were gonna die. He didn’t choose to trust those people, he was forced to without much choice because of the situation.

    • @llirik killing abby and lev would have ended the cycle too, since there would be no one else to go after Ellie tho.

  13. I mean Joel is a beloved character in the fact that we love him. Just because he is violent to protect what he has left doesn’t mean he isn’t a beloved character to us.

    We were playing him basically we were him. When people said beloved character we mean we like him we never said he was link from legend of Zelda.

    • @SmileyPotato Radio So you rather let your loved ones die when you know you have the means to stop it from happening?

    • @Brandon Martin doomed the world from not having a vaccine for the “FUNGAL” brain infection? Let me say it one more time, it’s FUNGAL…vaccines don’t work that way… Besides… Even if the fireflies give Joel a percentage chance of the vaccine becoming a success which is highly unlikely with the kind of equipment they have. Mind you, that has been in the ruins for 20 Years, even if those equipment are in top tier condition, it’s not even possible to make that vaccine, even doctors and scientists aren’t able to make that today with the current technology.

    • @Jasper Mark that’s what im saying.

    • @Brandon Martin Joel isn’t forced to kill and could just go on about his life?

      That’s easier said then done it’s not like their is some kind of safe zone there are literally cannibals in the last of us. There is no guarantee at all that Joel would never have to kill at all.

      Also Joel did not doom the world a vaccine wouldn’t just immediately make the sun shines and rainbows appear.

      Don’t forget the military was still out here killing fireflies even if they make a vaccine they could still get killed I doubt military that has been fighting with them cares what they have to say before shooting.

      Not to mention we already got cannibals and shit and people armed as hunters and shit.

      Like a vaccine wouldn’ just immediately save the world already has been like this for too long to not kinda be doomed already.

    • MotorsportsMania21

      @DBZFANX1000 Don’t bother with this simp. He adamantly defended BF5 and is fully immersed into the agenda driven bullshit. It’s also painfully obvious he didn’t play the first game.

  14. “Joel isn’t a beloved character, he is a violent anti-hero”
    The most famous violent anti-hero (Deadpool) is one of the most beloved characters of all times, I fail to see the conection between those points.

  15. “im one of the few people who like when stealth is done well in video games” lmao what

    • @rabbitsfoot33 It’s not pretentious the medium difficulty just sucks ass, It doesn’t provide a “balanced experience” and is mind numbingly easy.

    • Blazeburn17 I don’t know if pretentious is the right word because he is acting like he too good for the moderate difficulty which is fine if it’s true but it comes off as him bragging. It’s honestly whatever though.

    • It’s pretty pretentious marking those that you disagree with as dumb. And on the title, of all places.

    • Blake Stone that’s my main issue with TLOU2 is that everybody from both sides (but mainly those who liked it) calling the other side stupid for their experience with a subjective piece of media.

    • this video was just so pretentious

  16. I had to look up the definition of beloved when you mocked people for calling Joel a beloved character. Based on what I’ve found, he fits the criteria.

    • @Nakkiolololo I guess you don’t like Ellie enough to not want to kill her? The main reason why people support Joel killing those ppl is because they don’t want Ellie to die and Joel to lose the bond closest to having a daughter again. It’s probably “wrong” of him to save her, considering that killing her could have save millions of lives, then again, I probably wouldn’t let my sister die for the fucking world.

    • @Nakkiolololo I don’t agree that his actions are good but it’s justifiable.

    • @Lifee save millions when this doctor failed before with others who were immune.

      There are no “good” people in TLOU. They’re just people who do things to survive in this world. These people do the right thing according to each situation they’re faced with. Morals exist when it benefits them. When it doesn’t, morals don’t matter then. Survival has no morals, you either live or die. Good people don’t live long in a world like TLOU. You have to be ruthless and selfish.

      When I finished the first game, the lie Joel told Ellie didn’t catch me off guard, it struck as something any parent would tell their child when they do something wrong. It’s natural to protect the ones you love and care for by lying to them. You can disagree with that statement.

      I’m have issues with the way things are done. The pacing is off and structure is poor. Joel needed to push the plot forward but everthing that led up to that scene felt like one big coincidence.

    • You guys do know that even character whose done bad things can still be a beloved character what makes a character beloved isn’t whether his actions are right or wrong it’s if he’s/she’s a likable relatable character to us

    • @Nakkiolololo the doctor decided for himself that he was gonna kill Ellie. She was already unconscious, Joel wasn’t told anything about this and when he interrupted the surgery the dude picked up a scalpel and threatened to stab him. As far as he knew, they were going to kill one person to “maybe” save millions and he didn’t hesitate to kill. They said it in this game, if it was his own daughter he would hesitate.

  17. “Nope, you are nitpicking and biased, I win, bye bye.”

  18. “Beloved Characters” are subjective. Some prefer boy scouts like superman. Others prefer murderous anti heroes like the punisher. You can’t really tell someone the right way to perceive this game. The people who enjoy it, great. The people who hate it, have every right to as well.

  19. “There was a sequel. It wasn’t as good” – Joel.

  20. Self serving script writing is lazy and uninspiring. The story makes absolutely no sense and is bewildering to say the least

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