I Opened A Free Store In Minecraft!

First 10 people to get to the end get whatever they want from Amazon. We’re crazy for doing this.

Map download / credit? We have a team of over 6 full time builders, programmers, modelers, etc that help us create the maps from scratch. There is currently no way to download any of the maps we’ve built but we might offer it in the future.

IMPORTANT: if you win a challenge and you’re under the age of 18, you must have a parent ready to talk to us so we can send you the money!



    Chandler is not here because he is still cleaning his dad’s house.

  2. It is disappointing that almost 30 million Mr. Beast fans don’t know about this

    P.s. thx for the like

  3. mr beast: “open the gates!”
    chris: “but, karl is still out there”
    mr beast: *”open them even faster!”*

  4. It would be easier for Karl if he wasn’t in 3rd person just saying =w=“

  5. “Chandler has a teddy bear”

  6. Marques Thompson

    Mr beast: * remakes videos in Minecraft *

    Everyone: *likes that*

  7. Nobody:
    Carl: Parkouring with F5

  8. Donald Trump With A Small Loan of a Million Subs

    Nobody probably ever “dreamed” that this would’ve happened

  9. map : * exist *

    dream : I’m gonna speedrun this man whole career

  10. Dream: *misses the start of the race and gets sent to the beginning multiple times*
    Also Dream: *wins two times before anyone else wins*

  11. “Chandler has a teddy bear 🧸”

  12. You've gone Incognito

    Imagine somebody does this at real life.

  13. I like Dream even more after this, i mean, his skill and his heart, one is high, other is large… You can feel from him that he does it for fun

  14. Dream: **Wins twice.**
    Everyone else trying to win: “Wait, that’s illegal.”

  15. Nobody:
    Chris: SeCrEt TuNnEl

  16. 2000 Subscribers With One Video Challenge

    Mr Beast: Remakes videos in Minecraft

    Everyone: Likes That

  17. Ngl I feel like how y’all kept making karl lose was to much this time

  18. MrBeast: And we’ll see you in the ne-

    Grammarly: I don’t think we will.

  19. When dreams sees a parkour course

    Dream: Thats like walking like a baby to the door

  20. Mr Beast- “Hopefully Karl wins something.”

    *Purposely kills him repeatedly*

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