CROSIER – I Kick Arse For The Lord

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  1. Too pixel-y for my taste but it looks alright, I guess?

  2. the song in the trailer reminds me of paradise circus.

  3. Will this game be free like the last two?

  4. Ok I need to watch Dead Alive again.

  5. get your dick out

  6. Why did he not complain about the MSPaint style graphics??

  7. We just don’t have enough arse kicking monk games. I quite like the look of this. Good stuff, Jim!

  8. nice dead alive reference

  9. Any video with a Dead Alive quote in the title getsan automatic thumbs up.

    My favorite:

    “Your mother ate my dog!!”

    “Not all of it.”

  10. Stronghans McIronuts

    I’ve always wanted a pixel game to play on my 1980 Casio calculator watch.

  11. I appreciate the Braindead reference. One of my favourite movie quotes 😛

  12. manama jeff

  13. “I’m attracted to bleek asethetics”

    Noooooooooo really? ?

  14. The Best Nintendo Fan In The World

    You have an expiration date Sterling!
    I will expose you for the FRAUD you are you identity stealing hack!

  15. Hydro-Bot Carpenter

    Jim Fucking Sterling Son !!!!!

  16. Did the score rip the chord progression from Kehlani’s Gangsta?

  17. Does that music sound like Gangsta by Kehlani to anybody else?

  18. A good trailer on greenlight?

    This must be a miracle!

  19. Nice brainded reference Jim!

  20. I Kick Arse For The Lord
    Aaaah, Dead Alive/Braindead ^^

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