Coronavirus (The Jimquisition)

It’s a subject we couldn’t get away with not discussing. Coronavirus. The global pandemic that’s reached a scale beyond previous outbreaks. The reason your dad bought all that toilet paper. A real kick to our species’ ass.

GDC and E3 got canceled, WWE is hosting events in empty venues, and pretty much everybody has been impacted by the virus in some way, shape, or form. So let’s talk about how it’s touched the game industry, and then we can just go OFF on American healthcare and cAAApitalism, because why not?


  1. My job gives me no sick time, and instead tells me to use my paid time off. Additionally, one of the owners has criticized me in the past for taking a day off for not feeling well.

    I revel in coming into work sick at this point. Coughing, sneezing, wheezing. Mucus running down my face. I don’t care if I look like a horror movie, and give it to all of my co-workers. If they want me to stop, they can send me home *and* pay me for it.

  2. Actually, Jim, there was one exception:

    The Cheltenham Horse Races.
    gotta give those tweed-wearing yuppies their time to flaunt 50 pound notes in front of street musicians and let them clog up the main roads with their antics.

  3. “Anyway back to the topic of video games.”

    “I’ve had issues with my insurance provider this year”

    Bless you Jim. Shine on you crazy diamond.

  4. PlayingGamesToday

    Watching an episode of ‘John Oliver’ without an audience was weird, and now Jim Sterling! Before Coronavirus didn’t even exist, but now it does!

  5. Can’t wait for the “Anarchy and Violence” expansion pack. Looks like the devs might be dropping it in a month or so.

  6. I imagine it kills Jim a little inside every time he plays Cucumber Succulent.

  7. “This influencer isnt a king… yet”
    *wears a hoodie that says REX*

  8. i didn’t care when all the experts and other nerds were going on about this coronathing, but hearing it from cucumber succulence makes me think it’s actually becoming very very real.

  9. “…events are dropping like a corona-boomer…” ah, such philosophical whisdom from jim

  10. Nintendo: We made the Wii-U and we STILL saw this e3 shit coming from a mile away!

  11. What everyone is worried about: What are we going to do without sports?
    What we should be worried about: What are people going to do without health insurance or paid time off?

    Great video! I really appreciate you making a point that others not going to the doctor risks allowing disease to be spread further, even to those of us with insurance.

  12. You know the funny thing is a lot of people say talking about this subject gets their video’s buried, yet Google is constantly putting pop ups to give you info about the virus.

  13. “Don’t go out. Don’t have any friends!”
    Bah, did that long before CoronaChan! N00bs.

  14. The poor are getting the shaft for sure in this issue. Jobs are cut, hours are reduced and they are the ones most likely to be forced to still go out there and deal with people. They can’t afford to hide in their room for a few months or go to the hospital if they get sick. Tons of jobs are simply gone, those that aren’t are hurting due to the panic and lower income of those who are gone.

    Luxury purchases are just not happening right now. Very few jobs are giving time off with pay, not unless your using up your sick days or vacation pay.

  15. _”You can’t go to work, and you’ll have to deprive yourself of human contact.”_

    Is this a bad thing? Because i-

    _”also, not asking people to cough directly into your mouth”_

    Corona virus has gone too far.

  16. Verde the Star Warrior

    YouTube: Gives an Ad telling you to be informed about the Coronavirus
    Also YouTube: *Demonetizes any video that mentions the Coronavirus*

  17. So you’re telling me I have to give up my ‘coughing in other people’s mouths,’ with questionable consent, fetish?
    YOU, sir, are a Monster. A MONSTER!

  18. “Nothing happens in a bubble”

    Best thing I’ve ever heard from this show.

  19. Ninja probably thought Corona wouldn’t touch rich people, but now if tom hanks got it, ninja also can.

  20. Breaking news: The rich and elite are mortal too, and can get sick like everyone else, like The Black Death in the fourteenth century.

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