When can Mario retire? | Unraveled

Mario has been working hard since 1981, so Brian David Gilbert unraveled when he’ll have enough coins to finally kick back on that beach chair in Boca.


  1. The ending is so great he made it so that we wouldn’t notice that he put in his own numbers so that surprise when he said “if Mario can’t retire then I can’t retire” just absolutely beautiful. Also hang in there bud, I’m sure you’ll figure something out

    • @Unknow0059 Their children pick up the slack or they end up in the cheapest retirement home they can find where they die from neglect. Yeah the US doesn’t take care of its elderly.

    • Wouldn’t notice? That was pretty easy to notice, IMO.

    • Brian B. More of wouldn’t notice when he was putting the numbers up not so much the realization at the end

    • His idea of retirement isn’t realistic though. People don’t just save every dollar they have in a savings account and live off it when they retire. Instead, they invest it in a pension, 401k, or some IRA and live off a percentage of the money made from it. For instance, if you had an IRA with $360k that went up 10% every year, you’d live off of 10% every year giving you $36k like he was saying in the vid. Investments are definitely weird but givin enough time putting in they can make serious $$$

    • @Unknow0059 my mom’s “retired” living with my brother and his family. Sometimes she gets upset with them because they don’t give her an allowance.

  2. “When you say crucial do you mean optional” I felt that

  3. We shouldn’t be allowed to say “Mario” and “Inflation” in the same sentence

  4. *”I googled Mario hyperinflation, and I got some exciting search results”* oh god

  5. the best bdg punchlines are when the video ends with him realizing he kins the video subject

  6. “The gang discover that Brian will die before he will be able to retire”

  7. TheArtistsWings 9


  8. Unraveled, more like “BDG Has A Mental Breakdown: The Show”

  9. ♥Ms. PikaShiba156♥

    “Because God has cursed me for my hubris, and my work is never finished”

  10. Freeze-Dried Water

    “I’ve never seen anything so sad” Jesus Christ; I don’t think I laughed that hard in a while.

  11. Mattias Andersson

    I love how every single one of these videos starts out “normal”, but as the video progresses, Brian slowly descends deeper into madness

  12. “I’ve worked some days”
    *Flashbacks to the Sim’s/Apartment Episode

  13. “Man stuck in video game lore hell.”

    Never change, BDG.

  14. “If you never die then you can never retire.” This is false. There’s a concept in financial planning called the 4% rule. If you can live off of 4% of what you currently have in a 50/50 stock/bond split, it should last as long as the stock market is a thing. Technically, as long as it has reached the number you need to live off of 4%, then you should be able to maintain your standard of living even through bear markets (even if you just got to your retirement amount right before the bear market).

    Also, now’s a great time to start saving if you can manage it. The stock market is on sale. If you’re curious to learn more, I recommend looking into “financial independence retire early” or FIRE as some people call it.

    I understand that many people can not afford such a thing, and I wish you the best of luck in these trying times. Also, be politically active and don’t let your representatives cut or try to eliminate social security. They keep saying “we can’t afford it” so that eventually a bunch of voters will grow up believing it so they can cut it and not refund the money they forced you to save (but that they gladly used to bail out banks and other corporations at basically no interest). SS will keep countless elderly out of poverty, and be very valuable to those still in poverty.

    • ​@Ashley Knapp I feel you. My dream is to get FIRE for myself and then help others get it, too. A kind of capitalism-scaffolded, very slow basic income. Not ideal. But after work I got very little energy to do an alternative path (just some donations). Which is another reason I want FIRE, so all my time isn’t eaten up. I, like Brian, also love my work, but have too worked some days.

    • @Oskar Evans Agreed. Medicare for all and Social Security for all!

    • But at the same time there will inevitably come a day the stock market will cease to be

    • @Bonezee I only hope that it signals a transition to something better for all of society when the time comes, and hopefully if that is so that I’m alive to see it.

    • Margaret Ransdell-Green

      Thanks for this info. Right now I’ve been putting 10% a month into savings. Is that an ok percentage?

  15. Calling out Virgil

    Brian in the video that made him get a job at Polygon: “I love Polygon, I love when you make funny videos, videos that calm me down and put me at ease.”
    Brian in this video: Gets me to question everything and get nervous about retiring and worry about him

    • Calling out Virgil I’m putting in 100 a month I was 24 when I started and my company does retirement matching

      It’s not perfect but it’s a start. This just reminds me I need to put more in, I guess after I pay off student loans lol

    • @M. Ivy Luna Build up to about 1/3rd of your salary. Avoid lifestyle inflation. You will be fine. All the very best.

  16. The financial advisor asking the real questions like, “Does Mario have a pension? Is he part of a plumber’s union?”

  17. Mario: *Dies*
    Life Counter at 99

    Mario: *Wakes up Again* “OhhhhSHHHHIIIIITTTTT”

  18. “a grown man tries to figure out a cartoon character’s financial future and in doing so has an existential crisis”

  19. It's Ya Boi Mocha Man

    I love how he avoiding mentioning that the person he was talking about with the financial advisor is a fictional character. It is pretty brilliant.

  20. “If mario can’t retire then that would mean I wo-”
    Enters : midlife crisis

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