LEGO Super Mario – Just Plain Strange (OMGH)

Time for one of my unpopular trailer reaction videos, this time for a really weird LEGO set involving an electric-eyed Mario. I kind of want it because I am pathetic.

Anyway, this is LEGO Super Mario.

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  1. Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    On the bright side, now if we step on this Lego, we can just say “WAHOOOO!!”

  2. Actually, Nintendo wanted normal LEGO sets – it was LEGO that wanted the electric eyes. Fun fact!

  3. I actually remember wanting Mario Lego as a kid…. but I never imagined the sets looking like that.

  4. the sight of that weird half-lego mario activated my fight-or-flight response

  5. Pretty sure “he/she’s got electric eyes” is a song lyric. Possibly in several really bad songs.

  6. “For journalistic reasons… I am an adult child that wants a Mario doll with electric eyes.”

  7. Professor Linhardt

    Honestly considering the weird ideas the horror cinema industry have sometimes ( *cough cough* escape rooms *cough cough* ), I’d not be surprised if this is featured in an upcoming film

  8. I give it two months before people play Doom on the Lego Mario

  9. I for one am completely okay with this. LEGO has a prior record with experimenting with their format (see: LEGO board games) and Nintendo is known as an electronics company. Thus a digitally-enabled creativity toy with some form of clear, or at least suggested ruleset, makes perfect sense as a merging of the two.

  10. Nick Ploos van Amstel

    *steamrolls a child on their birthday to grab the last Mario Lego*

    “It’S oKaY! I’m A jOuRnAlIsT!”

  11. Pokemon go actually updated there game specifically because of the corona virus recently so it’s easier to do thinks while stuck inside!

  12. Never change, Jim.
    … Or do, I’m not the boss of you.

  13. Sorry Jim, I’ve already bought them up along with all the toilet paper and bleach. Y’know, corona essentials and all that.

  14. Jim basically sums up the Nintendo effect: “This is absurd. I need it because it looks fun.”

  15. Picture this: Electric eyes, on Boglins.

  16. “Can a Lego Mario do my taxes?”
    Jim asking the real questions here, as a real journalist probably would.

  17. i love how this is just jim spending 5 minutes trying justify his need for this.

  18. Jim, any time Nintendo releases some weird shit:
    “What is this? This is so weird. Who would even want this? Me. I would want this.”

  19. “dont touch your face” he says as I’m rubbing my eyes.

  20. CornishCreamtea07

    EA: We want to take children’s money
    Jim: I want to take children’s toys
    So they do have common ground, screwing other children.

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