CHOO CHOO CHARLES IS HERE!!!! (Scary & Funny Moments)

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Outtro song: By SpacemanChaos:
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  1. R.I.P Eugene

  2. Marie Sofie Belen Valmocena

    *its been a while delirious btw do u play high on life if no then its alr u can play it on steam*

  3. h20delirous if eugene is not dead yet you can talk to him go back and talk

  4. honestly sad delirious doesnt upload 1hour gameplays no more…

  5. iwouldbecalledwuboxlight

    Choo choo Charles was the first train after Thomas he got a spider bite infection

  6. I really liked this! More like this please.

  7. Delirious I just want to say is Liz okay cause we haven’t heard about her in months

  8. Pls I’m your big fan can I gst a shout-out pls

  9. Rip eugine, may Coo Coo Carlos pay with it’s life

  10. Have you noticed that when you kill Charles that end when he was in the air he had a sad face on

  11. Delirious you have to show yourface now right? Riight??

  12. “ITS very loud..and scar—-PURPLE PAINT!!”

  13. h20 delirious can i play among us with u some time please im a big fan

  14. Hey if you see any yellow boxes while your on your train they have scrap in them.

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