Bethesda’s Paid Mods That Aren’t Paid Mods But Are Paid Mods (The Jimquisition)

Those paid mods that Bethesda said weren’t paid mods turned out to be paid mods and also worse than paid mods.

The Creation Club has gifted a bounty unto Fallout 4, and it looks like things are little too much like microtransactions and mods welded together horrifically.


  1. There's a starman waiting in the sky

    Maybe Bethesda should work on fixing their bug infestation problem instead of forcing paid mods down our throats.

  2. As shitty as this is, there is some form of entitlement in demanding that every mod ever should be free. Some of these work modders their ass off for years on every little bit of free time they have, I think they deserve some way of actual earning some income from it that isn’t donations. But hey, they get EXPOSURE, what more could they ask for?

  3. *READ* the book? Had the book *SIGNED* ?!

    Jim, Bethesda *WROTE* the fucking thing.

  4. And Bethesda has burned whatever good will they had left.

  5. you make controversial reviews just to attract clicks. you cant be taken seriously

  6. You’ve done fucked it up, Bethesda…
    You’ve done FUCKED it up…

  7. Honestly, the *idea* of paid usermade content doesn’t seem that bad, looking at this from the tabletop industry. But why do video games keep fucking up and preventing it from having the potential to be *interesting?*

  8. On the overly optimistic bright side… Maybe they’re building the paid mods to fail, so nobody will every try something like this again.

    What? I said “overly optimistic”.

  9. why cant they just use real money terms eg this stealth archery and knife mod for fallout 4 cost £2.50 and changes the fundamental way the combat in game can be played. credit system has always been biased against consumers


    If you’re angry about Paid Mods, Creation Club, and Bethesda’s abomination, let Bethesda know. Let the world know.

    Resist Paid Mods/Creation Club/Bethesda.

    Condemn Paid Mods/Creation Club/Bethesda.

    Speak out against Paid Mods/Creation Club/Bethesda on Steam Forums, Youtube comments, Bethesda’ forums, Facebook, Twitter (#boycottcreationclub #boycottbethesda), any social media, anywhere you can.

    Do not buy any of Bethesda’s games.

    Do not buy any of the mods on Creation Club (Nexus has better mods, if don’t know what Nexus is or how to use it, there are many videos on youtube that explain it).

    Leave a negative review on any/all of Bethesda’s games, don’t forget to leave a negative review on the DLC.

    Rinse and repeat daily

    “Do not go gentle into that good night”

    “Rage, rage against the dying of the light”

  11. First off, cable news jab…funny; rest of the video though…ugh. Bethesda is not making the content on the creation club. Lets make that clear first and foremost. The opening release of the creation club was always going to be slim pickings because its community created content that has partnered with Bethesda; so it is going to take time for decent mods/dlc to make its way to the storefront.

    Lets discuss why these are not mods in the traditional sense: They have the full backing and support of the Bethesda for starters. That means creation club content will be playable on any patch of a game, it will not conflict with creation club purchases. Furthermore, some of the large content creators that made expansion level projects got next to nothing in donations, and have stated that they welcome the like what Bethesda is doing here

    Long story short, I hope that this isn’t a slippery slope to the removal of the free modding that we know and love. I highly doubt that it is, but the reasons why would be too long for a post that is already too long. If it is I’ll grab my pitchfork and join the mob. However, I think that this idea could be a good one if it allows the creation of expansion level mods that otherwise couldn’t be created. Having modders get paid for their work is just fine in my book, and sadly Jim doesn’t really seem to think at all of them in the video. There is more to this than a “publisher/develop vs. consumer” debate going on here. A good example of this working in practice would be XCOM and their partnership with a modding team to create some stellar side content.

  12. people who support CC are the anti-vaxxers of the gaming community

  13. The Ginger Pineapple

    The new update that included the creation club broke many mods including the Script extender so right now pretty much all fallout 4 mods are buggered

  14. But Jim we really need crab armor . It’s important enough to pay for mods that aren’t paid mods and are really paid microtransaction mods

  15. I Don’t understand how people can have bethesdas shit willingly shoved down their throats but somehow cannot also swallow a fire extinguisher

  16. Before I like or dislike this video, I need a bit more information. Is the money that customers would be paying going to Bethesda, or is it going to the content creators? I really have no problems with paying for somebody’s work – especially if it’s good content (not that horse armor stuff). However, if Its like Jim is saying here, and I’m simply giving money to a company for mods that can be found better out in the wild for free or via donation? That’s a nasty precedent…

  17. Smeg in the Heads

    Stop being so HIV negative and be HIV positive!

  18. can someone just make a mod to remove the creation club entirely i just dont want to see this blatant BUY ME NOW bull with the news network on my screen

  19. So you’re telling me I can now pay for the censored version of something I can have for free since ages and without the guarantee of a refund if it doesn’t work with the other mods I have already installed?
    This is the future boys! Take my money already!

  20. Meanwhile I’m 500 hours deep and still finding new ways to mod and make New Vegas seem new again.

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