Welcome to Season 6

season 6 hype.
a small taste of things to come.
i look forward to seeing how blizzard tackles the current problems with .

expect a developer update style video next. i’ve got a backlog of dev updates to watch. thanks for watching!

A big thank you to all my generous supporters:
Aryav Bharali
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  1. top of reddit here we go

  2. The Symbol of Peace

    I’m a dinoflask main since season 1 fite me

  3. Who’s here before the million?

  4. Wrestle with Jeff
    Prepare for death

  5. Bruh, all these people are salty…
    Why tf can’t they be sugary?

  6. Welcome to my house!

  7. *it should feel amazing* should it jeff ? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  8. Underrated - Overwatch Content

    I just hope I dont get instalocked 5 dps main in my team everytime in season 6

  9. should’ve stopped counting at 2

  10. Next will be a Torbjorn buff

  11. I’m excited for Season 6 because summer break is over and all of the toxic kindergardeners go back to school.

    Also they’re nerfing Roadhog again.

  12. Thank you for reminding us, we forgot to mention a new feature that we’re adding to season 6.. the salt meter. This will display on the right hand side of the screen, just big enough to block your vision. Whenever this meter fills up to the top, your team loses. You will lose more SR than normal depending on how much salt you’ve used to fill the meter with. Don’t worry.. we’ve added salt medals too.

  13. Oh boy I can’t wait to hear the autistic screeching of white guys in their early 20s getting angry over video games. This is definitely my idea of fun.

  14. aaah, the giant bubble of one-tricks and boosted idiots finally exploded, huh?

  15. Legend has it if you post early, Dinoflask will do things to you with Doomfist’s gauntlet that will make your lower sections require regrafting surgery

  16. It’s quite honestly hilarious how the ones that want people in game chat all the time are the toxic ones me and my friend stay in Skype and play comp and win a lot without communication xD

  17. Wanna see some Console Hanzo gameplay? come check out my vids <3
    Ps: sry bout the advertising its the only wayt to get noticed 😛

  18. they should call this game oversalt

  19. that falling dust game for the salt effect

    I see you

  20. Don't mind me just an army passing through

    Reason why i dont play comp…..alot of ppl can be real salty jerks

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