Doom Eternal – I Chained, I Sawed, I Conquered (Jimpressions)

Doom Eternal could easily have just served up more of what Doom 2016 did. Nobody would have complained. Instead, id Software gave this sequel an entirely new energy.

More intense and aggressive, Doom Eternal gives the player more tools to play with, and an increased pressure to use them. Coupled with the fluid environment traversal, the result is one heck of an engrossing game.

So yes, Doom Eternal is good. Now shut up while I play Animal Crossing.


  1. The new Animal Crossing looks different than I remember.

  2. I love the song “Buzzsaw” by Queen.

    Shit I thought the song was called “Buzz Aldrin” for some reason but it’s ofc Flash Gordon, so my joke doesn’t make sense.

  3. I chained , I sawed and I got bored in 5 minutes …. shoot enemies until they flash orange then glory kill rinse repeat

  4. A real testament to id Soft that even Bethesda couldn’t screw it up, not for lack of trying.

  5. The saw always cuts better with *Chains of Love*

  6. “Darn it. They keep BREAKING!” Best achievement name ever.

  7. With every weapon having a purpose and the situation forcing you to constantly change up your tactics, I’ve started thinking of Doom Eternal as the thinking man’s brainless gore fest shooter.

  8. Bethesda did good?

    Oh they didn’t develop it, they’re just the publisher. ok carry on

  9. my favorite is when you headshot a zombie/demon they head pops off with a bottle cork pop sound

  10. 2:40 This right here is my favorite glory kill.

  11. Jim reminding me how badly I want a sequel to Enslaved Odyssey to the West…

  12. “I’m an overgrown man-child.”
    – Jim Sterling the critic on Jim Sterling the person

  13. “Demons all over the shop. You’ll have a Bethesda account too, sooner or later….”

  14. “You can fire grenades into the mouth of cacodemons”

    *Doom Eternal now downloading*

  15. ID is to Bethesda, what Respawn is to EA. Without them, those AAA publishers are just a a trash can full of garbage juice.

  16. The thing I took away most from this video is how Jim pronounces “melee”

  17. This was more or less reminiscent of my trip to wal-mart this morning.

  18. “Jim! Ah ah! He’ll save every one of us!”

    So remember to thank God for him.

  19. Doom Eternal is DRM free, the crack is even available in the base game folder

  20. Between the movement and the level design I’ve started thinking of Doom: Eternal as Metroid Prime but written by John Carpenter.

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