A Song Of Cyberpunk (The Jimquisition)

Hey, did you hear about Cyberpunk? The game of the year, except the versions that are total junk!

It’s a singin’ Jimquisition this week as we take a look at the unbelievably humiliating week CD Projekt RED has endured since the incompetent release of Cyberpunk 2077. It’s been quite an ordeal.

From bugs to takedowns to international appeasement, CDPR has managed to do to its credibility in a matter of days what most publishers take years to accomplish.

(Backing music for the song courtesy of Storyblocks. Lyrics written by Jim Sterling, feverishly in the middle of the night at random).


  1. Jim Sterling: singer, wrestler, performer and video productor. Truly the Escher of our time.

  2. It’s been easier to bear the insanity knowing Jim has everyone’s backs. Fuck, why is the world constantly twirling down the shitter 😭

  3. I am so sorry if you see any ads on this video. In a move that should surprise nobody, the song was claimed falsely and ads have been intrusively added mid-video, vandalizing it. I apologize for YouTube’s existence, and would recommend you use adblock on all of my content.

  4. I thought the whole 19 mins was going to be a song and thought, “Jim’s gone full Dream Theater!”

  5. Im not seeing enough comments about the musical at the start. We need to talk about this straight banger of a song and he also put CDPR on blast. On a monday of all days too!

  6. scottthewaterwarrior

    Their name being ” _Seedy_ Project Red” really should have been a hint to their true nature…

  7. “Wait.. Jim was right?”
    “Always has been.”

    Thank god for Jim fucking Sterling, son.

  8. So, when is Sterling going to launch their musical satire project because that opening was a banger!

  9. *Adam Kaczynski:* It just works
    *Todd Howard:* You I like

  10. The worst part of this video is realising it’s only like a week since cyberpunk was released.

    Every week in 2020 feels like a month

  11. FYI, CD Projekt Red never apologised in that statement. They said they were going to but never did, they avoided it in typical PR fashion.

  12. Notice how after cyberpunk comes out, Jim has a lot less down votes when he talks about how bad cdpr is.

  13. The only thing I don’t like about Jim’s videos is they are too short.

  14. It’s so funny how the game is all about anti-corporation stuff and has tons of messages of it, yet the corp that owns the game does exactly what the game makes fun of corps for doing.

  15. Imagine being one of the hard working devs having to watch this disaster unfold. F

  16. “Look, I just don’t want these woke devs forcing their politics into my games.” Xi Jinping

  17. to quote the late Total Biscuit “STOP PREORDERING VIDEOGAMES”

  18. Smile, Peco. Smile.

    This, comrades, is why you must always remember:


  19. “This is the best game I’ve never played” is a great description. That’s how I’ve felt as I’m watching it all burn down as I go play good and/or obscure games from a decade ago.

  20. The save thing is baffling. Admittedly, I have no idea what game development is, but there is no chance in hell no tester got that bug while playing the game. It was relayed to the management and ignored. Loot and craft less. In an open world RPG. Which has a crafting skill tree.

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