Videogame Discourse: More Broken Than Cyberpunk (The Jimquisition)

Cyberpunk 2077 is finally out, which means people are unhappy, because that’s how work.

know the routine with massively hyped “AAA” videogames by now. Before the game is even out, accrues a mass fans who’ve already decided to it and will attack anyone who disagrees. Then the reviews come out, and all hell breaks loose.

Between a stagnant games media, permissive industry, and violently zealous fans, videogame discussion is well and truly broken. As broken as Cyberpunk 2077, which – after all the controversy and hassle – launched as a complete bug fest!


  1. Jim: I’m gonna start my youtube video with a joke
    Youtube: I’m gonna start your day by *being* a joke and shutting the server down.

  2. Now THAT’s Punk!

  3. The irony of a CYBERPUNK game having a fanbase willing to defend corporations to the death should never be forgotten

  4. My mom once told me that “If you get mad over some else not liking a thing that you like, did you ever really like it, or are you just insecure?” and I think about that everytime something like this happens.

  5. I _need_ the “Now That’s Punk” bit as a sepatate video.

  6. Editor’s note: all the crybaby footage was perfectly incorporated. Good job.

  7. Yes.
    Before being a fan of anything,

  8. In a way, CDPR really did effectively demonstrate a cyberpunk dystopic vision of the world.

    Just, you know, not in the video game.

  9. You know, my girlfriend always thought I was derogatorily calling them “SEEDY Project Red” and as soon as she told them that, I immediately wondered how Jim had never jumped on that.

  10. I love when Jim says “Triple Æ”

  11. As someone who loves to play videogames, I can honestly say I hate “Gamers”

  12. “The modern scientific community values disagreement in order to pursue knowledge. Under fascism, disagreement is treason.”

  13. Jim’s quote of “I hate video games but I do like them” gets more relevant every day

  14. Now is when the joke is revealed that Cyberpunk never existed and it was Skyrim 2077 all along.

  15. Its almost like the crunch/burn out from working to hard and being rushed is a bad thing

  16. “Punk isn’t political”

    The Clash: “we’re socialists”
    Sham 69: *goes around kicking the shite out of the National Front*
    Crass: *starts an anarchist commune*
    Newton Neurotics: “take strike action now”
    Gang of Four: *literally named after the Dengist opposition who defended the cultural revolution*

  17. *buys cyberpunk on PS4*
    “Oh come on CDPR”
    CDPR fanboys: “your fault for buying it on that console”

  18. 2020: The culture of never admitting you were wrong is alive and healthy. Next year will be… better?
    I keed.

  19. If I ever feel down about myself, I’ll just remember that there are people who tried to give someone a seizure over a video game review.

  20. Folly of Alexandria

    “Instead of playing Cyberpunk, I started taking estrogen!”

    Oh cool that’s what I did too. But instead of Cyberpunk it was Destiny back in 2014.

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