Top Ten Sh*ttiest Games Of 2020 (The Jimquisition)

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It’s that miserable time of the year once again. 2020 has been a hellscape of dread and confusion, but there is one thing you can always rely upon – the annual rundown of the crappiest nonsense games can offer.

From Marvel’s Avengers to the horrendous XIII Remake, we look at the ten games embodying this awful year with their awful awfulness. You might be surprised at some of the picks. You might not.



  1. Marvel’s Avengers is only tenth.

    Wow, the year was that bad ?!

  2. “shadow the ronin revenge to the samurai” is just when someone search list of words sound the most Japanese and edgy and put it together

  3. ‘Forgive me father for I have gamed’ could be on a t-shirt.

  4. This year has felt so fucking long some of those were “wait, that was THIS year? Fucking hell”

  5. Kind of depressing how many of those games were on this list because of corporate monetary decisions. They have been rising over the years.

  6. The presence of a fishing mechanic is what determines the quality of a game

  7. Today, Jim taught me the phrase “cum disaster”, and that’s why I keep watching.

  8. The great thing about Ubisoft is that it’s easier to boycott companies when they only make bad games

  9. If Gilson B. Pontes appears on this list for 10 years straight, does he win a behind the scenes tour of The Jimquisition.

  10. Imagine going back in time to December 2019 and telling yourself that Deadly Premonition 2 would be on Jim’s list of Top 10 Shittiest Games of 2020

  11. Can I get a super cut of Skeletor Jim announcing games throughout all of the “Worst Of” videos?

  12. I wonder if Gilson Bollock Pontes will take advantage of the PS5’s new power to deliver even more top-tier exclusives.

  13. No kidding, I thought Marvel’s Avengers came out last year. That’s what this year has done to my perception of time.

  14. “Seedy PR” Fucking brilliant.

  15. No “Ambassador of Everything Foreskinning Wrong With Steam” game this year? Kinda sad to see that steam direct has just been so lame that even the king of covering shitty steam games has just given up. I really truly do miss the Squirty Plays. That said, the quality of The Jimquisition has gone up and Jim has done a lot of other cool stuff. So it’s a trade off.

  16. Holy smokes, I didn’t know that Elite Squad game even existed but now that I do, I feel disgusted.

  17. “See you next year, Gilson.” -Jim Sterling, 2019

  18. Honestly disappointed you didn’t go with “Top 20 of 2020”, because we got WAY more than just 10 crap ones this year!

  19. This year felt like it never ended, and yet every single day was an incomprehensible blur.

  20. Jim: “Cyberpunk isn’t the worst”
    Me: What?
    Jim: “Ubisoft…”
    Me: Oh

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