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  1. Favorite animal is probably a wolf

  2. 00New_Londo_Wraith00

    Qr doesn’t do anything I scanned it

  3. My favorite animal is an elephant

  4. christopher guilfoyle

    My favorite animal is dragons

  5. Sanmangamer Sincerbeaux


  6. no more ding ding dong touchin thats how you got a kid remember. idk wat my fav animal is.

  7. My favorite animal is a bear

  8. at 19:05 the thing that scare the crap out of delirious is a link to the co-op version of the game called do you see sparky it’s up to 4 players so i could see Delirious playing this with a group of friends. I don’t know if you know of the Boys but please could you do a Collab video with Eddie please I love your content and his content i feel like you guys would make the perfect duo His Spanish and your Deliriousness OMG Dude it would be Amazing

  9. foxes are mah favorite animal:3

  10. A wolf is my fave animal

  11. hey delirious ive seen you irl you sound kind of sim to your vids but you sound like less online micy idk but much love

  12. Shoebill looks like an animated bird W animal

  13. my favorite animal is a kitty cat <3

  14. Макаку Пстайцев

    My favorite animals are cats and tortoses!
    Why suddenly H2O Delirious became Delirious ASMR?

  15. Play saiko no sutoka

  16. Hey Delerious I love your videos man, hey you should record yourself playing this new game called Pizza Tower

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