A Minecraft Project – How to Build like a Professional! (Ep.16)

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Welcome back to my Minecraft Let’s Play where it’s time for some building!
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  1. Everyone is the comments
    The map room is uneven
    Me, who cares, looks awesome.
    Loving this project Tom. Keep doing what you’re doing
    Much love to you

  2. 40:13-40:21 = potentially the best noise Tom has ever made. “Woh ah ah AH AH!!!!!” Love yah Tom!!! GG staying alive buddy!!!

  3. The “set own gamemode to survival” made me giggle

  4. I often watch these videos and than turn around and try and somewhat replicate it in my world before your next vid. posts. Can’t wait to see we’re this series ends up.

  5. Cheeky Tom cheeky

  6. the “im the wish version of mumbo jumbo” made me laugh way to hard

  7. what biome is this ?

  8. Username:
    Can’t wait to play the server

  9. To those wondering about the “Set game to survival” moment: He mightve used spectator mode or accidentally went into it again. Switching back and forth will cause that to happen. Not just switching to creative. Otherwise the achievements would dissappear.

  10. Ayoooo catching up and you making a server?!? Can’t wait ngl

  11. 34:45 yeah i agree it looks good but uhmm tom, fire + wood = toasted villager.

    Maybe make a small brik fireplace there i think it would look very cool

  12. White list me please 🙏 Tom

  13. I don’t know why I was crying when he said “power of some half slabs looking very fruity” ahaha I think it was the voice

  14. tanya-ruth mccartney

    33:59, noticed the little message saying ‘switch to survival mode’ haha

  15. 0800 00 1066 I’m never going to get that out my head now😅

  16. Michael Ciantar

    Mate I would say professionalism has been poured all over your gaff my boy smashing it 🤙🏻

  17. I would love to see a colab between Mumbo and Tom….

  18. Put open trapdoors in the doorway instead and you can have the doorway open without mobs pathfinding through it

  19. OG fan, whitelist me please Tom! Aether77

  20. Honestly I went blank on what to do on my minecraft world. This gave me life. Thanks for the content

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