Babylon’s Fall – More Like Babylon’s Fail LOL (Jimpressions)

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Under the thrall of Square Enix, Platinum Games has delivered a true masterpiece of awfulness in Babylon’s Fall. This live service trash is really bad. Really, really bad.

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  1. Man, this just brings me back to simpler days, where the only thing we had to worry about was live service guff and lootboxes than literal sex pests and abusers in the game industry. While exposing the latter group is always important, it’s never bad to go back to old stomping grounds. It almost makes me nostalgic.

    Great work Jim, and thank God for your fine non-binary self!

  2. From what I heard Platinum had a game almost completed before Square told them to scrap it and take it in an entirely different direction. Which would explain why they clearly didn’t give even half of a fuck

  3. I remember when they first reveal a teaser trailer for Babylon’s fall. It was a completely different game back then. It looked like a fun game. Not whatever this is. Oh what could have been.

  4. I still remember when Square showed this off and thought
    “Ooh a new Platinum game!”
    But the second I saw the words “live-service” any potential interest I had for the game died immediately. Seriously, first Avengers, then Outriders, now this? If Square couldn’t make a fun live-service that isn’t FF14 with Platinum fucking Games, then they never will.

  5. I’ve noticed a pattern when it comes to Platinum games: their worst games tend to be the ones that just scream “the publisher was breathing down our necks.” And this one is no different. This game feels like Platinum Games wasn’t given enough time to give it proper polishing cause Square Enix just wanted them to shit it out as quickly as possible.

  6. I love you, Stephanie. Your videos make my day every time.

  7. Honestly, this one hurts a bit, since Platinum are one of my favorite developers. Still, bad live services must be punished. Especially with that comment about that sh1t being the future of Platinum…

  8. Josh-oo, the Shape-Shitting Master of Dogshit

    I feel bad for Platinum. The only silver lining in this situation is that, according to what I’ve heard, they don’t have their name in the credits at all. Hopefully this won’t hurt their reputation too much in the long run.

  9. Man. This hits hard after playing Wonderful 101, another Platinum game. That’s an EXPLOSION of color, so much so it’s genuinely impressive that the art style didn’t get boring. That’s not a perfect game, but uh, compared to this, it’s gold.

  10. I had this on my wishlist from some E3 presentation, it looked interesting from what it showed. But here in Germany this thing is *even more expensive* at 70€ (at the rates in early march that’s 77$) and even with glowing reviews I think *very* hard about spending that much money on any game… and given it showed “Mixed” at the end of launch week… yeah i don’t have 70€ for a “Mixed” expierience.

  11. I wonder when Yoshi-P is finally gonna crack his spine for carrying this company so hard. Nowadays it feels like whenever they try online multiplayer without him at all goes to shit no matter what. It’s astonishing that FF14 receives so much praise (and deserves all of it) yet rest of the company refuse to take any lessons from it. They got the winning formula which they could iterate upon yet they still go dumpster diving into world of failed live services and rather make their own Anthem rather FF14: Platinum Games edition.

  12. Live Service is code for “we want perpetual money without providing perpetual content, just the same content perpetually.”

  13. I was on Facebook earlier and saw some horrendous comments targeted at a trans RT member of staff on Women’s day, people saying “that’s not a women” and other idiotic comments. Genuinely don’t know how anyone can think it’s okay to label someone what gender someone is. Scrolling through these comments and seeing nothing but support for Stephanie is a breath of fresh air. Facebook is a cesspool of horrible people.

    Also thank god for Steph, I will always support your content for being brutally honest!

  14. Squeenix is the baffling case of a company filled with passionate talent and run by leeches who haven’t ever purposefully made use of said talent

  15. Deimos kai Aischylos

    I remember that I was curious about trying the demo despite the massive fun I was having with Elden Ring. Downloaded, loaded it up…hit the Square login screen. I recalled the struggle I had with FFXIV and just quit. When you can’t even generate enough appeal for someone to bother with a login screen to try your game, you know you’ve failed to draw people in.

  16. I’m starting to wonder if this game was so hated by the devs working on it, they intentionally made it bad to tank it and give the middle finger to management.

  17. I remember when you read the Square Enix CEO’s message concerning NFTs and I’m honestly not surprised they published this not long afterwards. Maybe if enough “live service” games end up dead on arrival, as a lot of them are doing, game publishers will look for some other way to make all the money. Or they could double down, which wouldn’t surprise me.

  18. I still remember the first trailer for this game, it looked like a great action packed, single player game, then someone or everyone at Square shat out there own brain and screamed LIVE SERVICE!

  19. It’s only a shame that the corporate pillagers who decided to steer platinum toward live service games will certainly never suffer any consequences, and definitely receive exorbitant bonuses for this inevitable failure, while the fact of that failure will surely be used to justify however much harm those same corporate pillagers choose to inflict on them.

    It’s good that this thing will fail, all the same.

  20. You don’t go from Astral Chain to this mistake without heavy publisher meddling. I very much blame Square for their incessant need to make more Live service games without a person like Yoshi P who actually makes FFXIV a tolerable and even enjoyable experience.

    That said this game is lukewarm at best, which is a shame considering the initial gameplay trailer somehow looked higher definition compared to…this?

    Now that I think about it, Platinum sabotaging this game as a response to SEnix is a stretch, but it certainly feels like it.

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