A Minecraft Project – Building a Super Beacon! (Ep.19)

Welcome back to my Minecraft Let’s Play where today we build U.F.O!
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  1. You have to check out this video! https://youtu.be/b2UhYCWVdfg

  2. “A beacon has come and has given us super powers” you just described the gams Destiny lol

  3. 46:38
    He should put a lantern there but on top of a Feng Shui style stone statue. Like a little zen pagoda thing

  4. Make it a UFO!!! The beacon bean can be taking your cows!

  5. The heart of the syndimountain

  6. I have been binge watching from ep 1 for 2-3 days now. I cant get enough!

  7. hahah, that motorway analogy was great

  8. If you make candles place them on a block and then break the block the candles will float like in Harry Potter it’s fun to play with the different colors

  9. David BOWie

  10. Hope you feel better tom

  11. Etherium in minecraft

  12. At this point tom doesn’t even remember the achievements lol

  13. the bow shall be called ‘The Curved Wong’

  14. It did dissipate the lightning you have just forgot what dissipate means

  15. Damn… 14:31 Tom missed that the creeper on top of his house became supercharged… you can see it in the top left corner. Riperoni

  16. 38:44 Thomas really just created Ramiel, the Fifth Angel

  17. I was hoping you were going to name it Tucker Boner lol

  18. Name the bow Dave Bowie. Bc you have famous names for your sheep and skeleton horse

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