Wow, The Ninendo Switch Got Mappy-Land! (The Jimquisition)

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Nintendo Switch just Mappy-Land! This is a megaton news story!

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  1. Please do not watch my channel

    Back in like, 2004, my buddies had a hacked Xbox with every like every NES, SNES, Genesis game and more on it. Hundreds of games, all easily accessible. It’s not hard.

  2. Remember kids it’s always morally okay to Pirate Nintendo games.

  3. A nintendo switch lite was the only console I could afford, and as fan of Mario Kart and Animal Crossing, i feel like I am literally the only person the expanded nintendo online service is worth it for.

  4. So my partner got a switch and we enjoyed it enough for me to consider giving nintendo a chance. We got Mario Maker 2 and a year subscription to the service. Was about a week before I lost all interest. The selection of NES and SNES games is absolute shit, and as you said, I could easily emulate all of it faster, easier, and with better quality, AND FOR FREE. Nintendo and Disney need to stop reselling their old shit.

    Also I love your description of capitalism, spot on.

  5. Fuck capitalism do crimes

  6. Every time I see one of these stories I get more and more curious about the cost and work to get and set up a rom device. Nintendo does not care about NSO. They never did. It was set dressing to convince you paying for internet access you used to have would get added value.

    I don’t mind getting games and things you functionally can’t buy anymore. And the ease of getting literally everything takes the sting out of they’re excessively curated libraries. But, I will never condone getting roms of new games. That’s crossing the line because they’re still tallying legit purchases toward the game and studio’s success.

  7. Nick-Player Character

    I’ve been playing Nintendo games literally as far back as I can physically remember, and I can tell you that NSO has been a comical disappointment since day 1 and it’s only gotten worse.

  8. I mean the drip feed never bothered me. On the other hand we (all of us) need to stop capitalism. This system is destroying the world.

  9. James Stephanie, our Cassandra of video games, would you be so kind as to tell us what system you’re using to emulate that lovely library of ROMs? I’m very interested in reclamation.

  10. I am a huge nintendo fan since i am basically 4 years old and i am 31 now.
    I own every NIntendo console, most relevant games on them, i own many different editions of retro games because i did not even mind paying 5 or 10 dollar just to play games i beat countless of times on wii or wii u.

    But Nintendo lost me as a customer, i wont get another console after the switch. It just feels cheap what they do.

    It is just visible that they put less effort into their games than they used to and that they started using tricks that are not quite as bad as companies like EA do, but the direction is clear.
    I see no reason anymore to buy a nintendo console and buy an overprized Metroid Dread when I can go on Steam and buy an indie game that is just a better metroidvania for a fraction of the money.

    Sure, there are some games i cannot play anywhere else, like splatoon, but with splatoon 2 and 3 you already know it is just going to get minor changes without increased fun. For that money, i can get 5 interesting indie games that offer me something new.

  11. All These Pseudonyms

    “You can’t steal from a corporation. It’s called ‘reclamation’.” Gotta be one of my favourite anthems from this show.

  12. … not to mention rom hacks like friggin HYPER METROID and a whole new world of incredible games.

  13. “it is always morally correct to pirate Nintendo games”

  14. The mappyland song appears to be “This little light of mine” slightly altered.

  15. acab even Mappy

  16. My concern is that I am very much against subscription plans – which almost everything is now – because it denies ownership and is meant to be a never-ending cost that can increase more than wages do.

    I feel like what Nintendo is doing is leading some people to ask for more of a subscription service instead of just owning stuff outright.

    Emulators therefore fix the entire situation. Make video games part of the commons, accessible to all for free. At least once the companies have moved into their next console and abandoned the old one(s).

  17. Is this sarcasm?

  18. That coat is dope as fuck.

  19. Jim’s opinions on Nintendo shit is so fucking stupid sometimes. Capitalism is (supposed to be) about *fair* competition, what exactly is fair about stealing a game and emulating it on stronger hardware? That is literally detrimental to their business because unlike decades old games that you can’t buy, why would you pay for a game you could easily steal? The virtual console/NSO shit is on point, it is too expensive and we shouldn’t have to re-buy it if we did digitally on old consoles, full stop. But you immediately fucking lose me when you advocate stealing brand new ass games because you’re pissed that Nintendo (stupidly) chose to sell access to Super Mario Bros. for the 20th time. You’re just fucking wrong about that, no matter what bullshit justification you give.

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