Scam Turismo (The Jimquisition)

Gran Turismo 7 is yet another example of “AAA” grifting, and another prime subject for a video, which is why weR;re doing a video on it!


  1. Hopefully in Gran Turismo 8 you’ll have to pay for gasoline with real world prices, that would surely enhance my gaming experience.

  2. It has gone so far, you almost cant play games from before 2015 anymore

  3. Worse part about this is that the offer back is nothing really.

    “Wow a million polyphony fun bucks! Now you can buy a cool car! You can only spend in this game, it cost us nothing, puts us at no disadvantage financial and does not actually change the shitty practices. Please spend this on cars then buy more that you’ll have to dump your time or money into! Oh and no reimbursement for the game time you lost because server’s were down and you could it play the game you paid for and the subscription service that it is on you need the shell into to even play that game you bought. Whhhooa! A million fun bucks! *Jazz hands!*”

    Disgusting. Unsurprising, but disgusting.

  4. Nowadays gamers should look up for the business model rather than gameplay for a new game announced. Sad

  5. Thanks for showing the Chewits ad from the 90s, I needed something to live rent free in my brain this week

  6. The fact Jim Stephanie Sterling was surprised that GT is selling the same cars as Forza is kinda funny, that’s standard for racing games that use licensed cars. I’ve even played games that sell different versions of the same car themselves, not as in a different year of that car or whatever but just a faster version of it.

  7. Fuckin. Imagine releasing a game to absolute acclaim for being a *good car game* just to FUCK IT.

  8. Whre do i get that stephani jim car skin 😛

  9. The best car games of all time are NFS Porsche, Underground 2, Bang Bang Racing.

  10. I stlll think that the idea of the game’s car prices being based on real life is a cool idea. It’s just that the game itself should be then balanced around this idea, which it clearly isn’t at the moment. There are other racing games that handle this idea just fine because the money income in those games is far more balanced.

  11. Don’t buy games with microtransactions. Fuck those corporate fucks.

  12. Why the hell would you want to play a GAME to be like the real world???

    If GTA V did that, every star on you, would require that many in game months you need to spend in an hideout outside of Los Santos

  13. Jim is a beautiful, bold, and stunning automobile and anyone who says otherwise is a racist bigot.

  14. Long term growth… in month too 3 at best everyone has moved on. Games are not about growth.

  15. Sadly you are a BMW, a “Bayrische Mistwagen”

  16. One thing I will ‘critique’ is they didn’t bring the game up to baseline; they brought it back to how it was when it launched/when the reviewers had it, maybe, and I don’t have nor want the game, but I’m going out on a limb and state that’s not baseline. Not my fucking baseline anyway, and I should think shouldn’t be anyone’s

  17. Jim steinbelt

  18. Y’all know what sucks. Some YouTubers and streamers WILL pay 40 dollars for each car and buy credits because they can get it right back. I think that’s what developers are banking on

  19. There’s something nostalgic about this episode.

  20. Gran Turismo 4 on the PSX2 is still fun 0_-

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