A Completely Normal One (The Jimquisition)

Everything is completely normal.


  1. Been waiting for this one since 2016 when this whole crap show began.

  2. “Pogchamp isn’t even about pogs, I’ve been told!”
    Apparently, it literally is!

  3. “i used to be with it, but then they changed what ‘it’ was. Now what I’m with, isn’t ‘it’, and what’s ‘it’ seems weird and scary to me.” ~ Abe Simpson/Anyone born from 1981 to 1996.

  4. Irony: Being trampled to death by your ideological allies, while holding a Gadsden flag.

  5. according to yahoo finance. in the last 20 years wages increased 7%, housing increased 25%, healthcare increased 60%. heres your $600. no wonder half the country doesn’t even have $1,000 to their name.

  6. “Hey, we need to make a Pokemon plushie with a really big tongue. Do you know any Pokemon with big tongues? Pokemon that you associate with tongues, or licking? Tongues that lick? Tongues of the licky variety? Licky tongues? Any Pokemon at all with big licky-tongues?”
    “Ooh, I know the perfect one! Gengar!”

  7. Finally, a non-political Jimquisition

  8. Youtube: “Yeah, this is The Division.”

  9. @Jim Sterling Now that I see you in that gas mask, I want to send a PSA. Those old Soviet gas masks (GP-5) are known to contain asbestos in their filters if they were made before or during the 80s. The amount is small and unlikely to harm you unless the filter irself is damaged, but still you may want to change it for a more modern 40mm filter if you haven’t already, especially if you plan on using it often.
    As they are so cheap, it’s common to see them at cons as part of cosplays. I always warn anyone I see wearing one, just in case.

  10. Best quote of 2021: It’s safe in the Gengar.

  11. I’m a decade younger than you, Jim. And first time I heard someone say ”pog” or ”poggers”, I too thought of those round bits. by the way …
    You’re epi- awesome!

  12. Jim, I can say without any doubt that you are the ONLY person on this planet that has thought about Black Ops: Declassified for PS Vita in 2021. Congratulations?

  13. As another of them, “Defective early run millennial” is the perfect descriptor.

  14. i absolutely love the opening: “It’s been one week!” i loled.

  15. “We got all the Gengars.”

  16. 假作真時真亦假

    Also, Ubisoft spent years covering up sexual abuse.

  17. When Venezuela issues a letter of concern about your country’s democracy being in danger.

  18. “Last year was hard and this year will be even harder.”

  19. “Socialism is when the government does stuff” – Carl Marks

  20. What Nintendo thinks we want: Gengar Head cushion

    What we really want: Pogs of the Gengar Head cushion

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