The Devil Hit A Dog With A Go Kart

In this game about being the devil, you can do jumping, you can do driving, you can do getting stuck in closets, and you can do nothing.

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  1. This feels like a game that’s taking the piss. I can’t even imagine out of what, though. The nature of the human condition, perhaps.

  2. Last time I was this early digital homicide was still sueing me for 10 million

  3. Been a while since I’ve seen squrity plays

  4. Squirty plays are back and I’m here for it!!

  5. Literally expected to see a video on Bobby Kotick running over a dog while driving a go-kart.

    This game is far worse.

  6. Forget the games. I just want Jim to redub Rick & Morty 😂

  7. This… this still happens? Why… why is this allowed to _continue_ happening?

  8. Omg, is that the shadow of your UI-coin you can see when you look down?

  9. I’ve been craving more of Jim reviewing bad steam games

  10. This is basically how people played Fallout 76 early on. Hell I dunno, people might be playing Fallout 76 this way today as well.

  11. Oh neat, I didn’t know Steam let you sell PowerPoint presentations now

  12. I saw the devil and instantly thought “Oh look, its Bobby Kotick.”.

  13. I’m so glad ur doing Squirty plays again.

  14. “It’s a bit like Breath of the Wild”

  15. “The Devil Hit a Dog in a Go-Kart” is my favourite bluegrass tune.

  16. It’s a Schroedinger’s Game, you can only play it if you do not observe it!

  17. Satan, The Baby’s incredibly trick lifestyle.

  18. My eyes just got up without saying a word, packed their bags, and left.

  19. I don't know was dead

    “The dog is far more formidable than satan”

    -Jim Sterling

  20. “Rick and the Morty show”
    *Plays Bojack Horseman intro*

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