The Jimquisition Game Of The Year Awards 2020

With 2020 now safely in the rear view, we can all start dreading 2021 and its inevitable horrors. First, let’s take one positive break and look back at the games of 2020 that won our hearts.

Could Fall Guys make the cut? The Last of Us Part 2? Animal Crossing? Who knows? Well, I know. So will you if you watched The Jimquisition Awards of 2020!


  1. Well that burger part might be the most off putting thing I’ve ever heard

  2. Vanessa Colquhoun

    “No Fall Guys; it’s got microtransations in it”
    Youtube: Got it chief

  3. As someone currently playing through Hades, one of the main takeaways is that it’s so nice to feel *validated* for once? To just have a gay romance option in a game that’s treated as totally normal, regular, and just something that exists? It’s not something I’ve realized I wanted, but it’s something that just made me feel really good.

  4. May you dodge all the bad “aaa” games this year and bring our attention more to gems like Hades.

  5. On Hades: The voice actors for Aphrodite/Dusa, Meg, and Hypnos (also the narrative lead) all took part in Curio’s ‘Hades for Hope’ marathon stream last month, raising money for trans medical care in the UK. They were all super enthusiastic participants and really, genuinely lovely.

  6. I honestly can’t decide if I love Hades more for how it was made or for what it achieves. It’s just bloody marvellous.

  7. That last bit with Hades was what everyone needed to hear.

  8. It’s genuinely gratifying to know Supergiant Games is finally reaching its full potential, and finally earned the Jim Sterling seal of approval. And they didn’t have to do it by abusing their employees.

  9. Well said, Jim. Hades is fcking incredible, and an example to the gaming industry on how to do it properly.

  10. Finally, an Award show where Hades wasn’t robbed.

  11. Ghosts of Tsushima also released a decently sized free DLC with no Micro transactions post launch. An actual praiseworthy move in the triple A space that doesn’t get enough credit.

  12. “wasted wanks” sounds like a Rik Mayall quote

  13. “Far be it from me to fly in the face of tradition”

    Yes, that’s what Jim is known for – tradition in all its forms.

  14. the Mitch McConnel joke reminded me to drop this a like

  15. Jim, I mean this as the highest of praise.
    You look like a cool grandma

  16. The fact that Ghost of Tsushima offered an amazing, fully realized multiplayer mode that is actually worth playing FOR FREE, is a generosity hardly seen in AAA games this generation.

  17. “Who doesn’t want Hades? Mitch McConnell!”
    I disagree.
    Mitch McConnell loves Hades.
    Why else would he constantly try to send more people to him?

  18. “you can PET THE CERBERUS”

  19. “Suck on my big gay bias.” is my new favorite line.

  20. Jim Sterling: **starts with Ghost Of Stushima**

    Me: This list is already so good

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