Zelda: Avoid heat damage with portable shade

Emergent gameplay is pretty .

can stay in the shadows cast by objects to prevent . By carrying the object with and staying in its shadow, it is possible to avoid heat damage without potions, clothes, or weapons.

This is tested to work with the Lynel , Lynel Bow, Boulder Breaker, and Iron Sledgehammer. Other metal objects may work if large enough. Shields are right out.

Super Mario 64 – Snow Mountain


  1. those crushers are hard to get tho…

    i still loved the video and im still going to try it out tomorrow.

  2. This blew my mind

  3. Broke my crusher a few weeks ago

  4. 11/10 good deal!

  5. Please set up shop for these. How much for a 2-pack?

  6. Dudeyoukickedmy sandwich

    This is amazing.

  7. How do I stay cool with this cute hot tea?

  8. i actually love this video so much you dont even know

  9. Oh wow I didn’t realize this

  10. If you wear a Blizzard Rod with this, are cold clothes just never needed anymore?

  11. This physics engine is too good.

  12. How much for twelve?

  13. *_Can’t wait for the ‘Heating’ version of this…_*

  14. never realized you can do this O_O

  15. that is fucking amazing Tea hahaha 10/10

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