Zelda: Avoid heat damage with portable shade

Emergent gameplay is pretty cool.

Link can stay in the shadows cast by objects to prevent heat damage. By carrying the object with magnesis and staying in its shadow, it is possible to avoid heat damage without potions, clothes, or ice weapons.

This is tested to work with the Lynel Crusher, Lynel , Boulder Breaker, and Iron Sledgehammer. Other metal objects may work if large enough. Shields are right out.

Super Mario 64 – Snow Mountain


  1. those crushers are hard to get tho…

    i still loved the video and im still going to try it out tomorrow.

  2. This blew my mind

  3. Broke my crusher a few weeks ago

  4. 11/10 good deal!

  5. Please set up shop for these. How much for a 2-pack?

  6. Dudeyoukickedmy sandwich

    This is amazing.

  7. How do I stay cool with this cute hot tea?

  8. i actually love this video so much you dont even know

  9. Oh wow I didn’t realize this

  10. If you wear a Blizzard Rod with this, are cold clothes just never needed anymore?

  11. This physics engine is too good.

  12. How much for twelve?

  13. *_Can’t wait for the ‘Heating’ version of this…_*

  14. never realized you can do this O_O

  15. that is fucking amazing Tea hahaha 10/10

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