Nintendo Switch Is Littered With Ports… And That’s A Good Thing?

There was a sloppin’ ol’ Direct and it had a lot of ports. Switch is Port City.

But how terrible is that when the ports include Dark Souls, Hyrule Warriors, and… Firefighters: The Simulation.


  1. 8:05 NO! Nononononono!!!! As much as i get where you are getting from, I cannot agree to that. Nintendo is selling the Switch as a home console that CAN be portable. As such, shoving criticism aside as “well it’s a portable console for me so I’m lowering my standards” is not a valid argument.

  2. Wow now you can literally shit yourself while playing dark souls.

  3. Is anyone gonna point out that Dark Souls needs online and doesn’t have a pause function? How the hell does that work with the Switch?

  4. Lets hope Life of Black Tiger gets a port to the Switch.

  5. Well, it WAS marketed as a Port-able console.

  6. I still cant get my head round of people who hate on PORTS ? its been there from the beginning in gaming , arcade ports to console ports started it all.

  7. I never got the hatred for ports. People do realize that there are new gamers growing up all the time and not every release is supposed to be tailored to the people who bought the game the first time around, right?

  8. I don’t get why Nintendo doesn’t port Mario Maker. I mean, if there’s anything that deserves a port, it’s that. Plus, they can throw in a bunch of popular levels from online and it’ll introduce a lot of new creative minds to the game. There’s really no reason not to. If anything, it should have been there at launch. Mario Maker would’ve been perfect during that time where after you were done with Zelda, there was fuckall to play.

  9. Dark Souls 2 and 3 cost me $165 in controllers… I don’t think I’ll be getting Dark Souls on the switch.

  10. I hope so much that they will port at least one Monster Hunter game to the switch

  11. I’ll die happy if I could play Red Dead Redemption on the Switch.

  12. I don’t really get why ports to any platform would be a bad thing. Even the shittiest PC ports are, to put it in the immortal words of Ben Judd, “better than nothing” and generally appreciated by those who only have access to a single platform. Yeah, it sucks when a developer dials in a port and leaves those who want to play on that platform stuck with that shit port, but so long the port is an option it’s at least something you have the choice to play.

    Mobile ports, PC ports, console ports, PS2 ports, if there’s an audience on that platform that wants to play a game then I can’t see why we should be giving any developer any shit for putting out ports. Even Skyrim, which people seem to be particularly hung up on about, deserves to be on as many platforms as is conceivably possible, because not everyone has a 360, PS3, or Microsoft Windows.

    If anything, I’m excited for the prospect of PC’s, phones, and consoles having a similar enough architecture and cross-platform libraries that developers can easily create a game for everything at once, whether that be your PS4, your Linux PC, your Android TV, or your goddamn toaster. Broader access to a game and more choice on how exactly you want to play a game is a good thing.

    Then again, I’m looking at this from the perspective of a PC player, where the expectation is that if you buy a game on Windows, you also get it on Linux and Mac as well. If we can get to a point where games just run on everything without really caring too much about the specifics of your hardware, then it wouldn’t matter if something is a “port” because games would be releasing on everything simultaneously anyways and would always work on all future devices.

  13. All the ports make a good amount of sense. The Wii U titles getting ported is just smart because the Wii U did so poorly yet it had a selection of truly fantastic titles that deserve to be played, rereleasing them on the Switch is a smart way to get those titles out to the audience that missed out on them. And then a lot of these third party ports that are coming are of games that never made it to Nintendo hardware to begin with. A child raised on Nintendo may be quite happy with the games they got, but is likely aware that they missed out on some really cool games not even exclusive Sony or Microsoft’s individual systems, so I understand why these ports are coming as well. And then there’s The World Ends With You, and that just makes sense because that game is amazing and the Switch really would be a fantastic home for it.

  14. shouldn’t we be excited as this shows strong third-party support for the system?

  15. Ports on the Switch is indeed a good thing. Let’s face it, many people didn’t even have a WiiU in the last 5 years, and the sustem was littered with outstanding games. So porting it on the Switch will give games a second chance in life, and bring in more people to play!

  16. FalseAdvertisingHater

    I remember a time where the ps4 was called the port station 4 and sometimes (even today) the indie station 4. It takes time to create quality games those who are whining are just idiotic fanboys who probably buy rushed out games with dlcs and preorder bonuses then complain about the shit they receive… *sigh*

  17. I just like that Nintendo is putting good WiiU games on the Switch. It gives the games a new chance at life, adds games to the Switch library, and also lets people like myself play a lot of WiiU games without ever having to buy a WiiU.

  18. Who the hell thinks ports are a bad thing?
    Last time I checked, people were asking for them.
    Because being able to play a game is better than not having the ability to do so. It’s shitty ports people don’t like.

  19. TWEWY isn’t even a typical port, it’s a ten year old game and they’re adding new content to it. Just let that sink in. I still have no interest in the game, *but* the fact that they’re porting it to the Switch means there’s a possibility of other DS games coming to the system. Imagine having the Advance Wars games ported to the Switch.

  20. Dark Souls at 720p 12fps.
    Live the dream.

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