Workin’ It And Kwirkin’ It (Boglinwatch 2017)

We take a at Kwirk, one the two electronic Boglins released in 1987. He has light-up eyes, noises, and two alleged children!


  1. Someone needs to do an industrial song around that Kwirk sound effect.

  2. The introduction for this was hilarious (the house tour bit especially). Great video Jim! Always love seeing these!

  3. JIm Sterling,,, KING of Boglins! A god among mere mortals!

  4. There’s something really heartwarming about watching someone talk about their passion.
    Thanks for this video Jim, I appreciate it.

  5. The colors listed are for reference to other designers what base was used. I’m not sure if they were already using color blocks for this yet in that year, but before they did they used to print the words in the color for quality and density control of the inks used.

  6. i want to unbox your boglin if you know what i mean
    cause i dont?

  7. “…this book that you’re *stood* on?” I thought Britons had a better command of their own language than the filthy colonials. Who knew?

  8. @8.55 when your car won’t start

  9. i saw the dark crystal in 70mm last night
    dope as shit

  10. I know this was started as a bit, but i’m pretty glad it became what it is

  11. Wth did I just watch ?? I didnt know such creeps even existed, and there are Bogologists too ??

  12. Always take the batterys out. Always

  13. Fun fact, the Dota 2 logo was based on the top of the Boglin box.

  14. The part inside the bottom flap of the box, where it says different colors, is basically a print test. It is there to help with quality control. If you look inside the bottom flaps of lots of printed boxes like that (especially ones before the digital age), you will find similar things, sometimes it is a little pinwheel, or a series of dots, but all for the same purpose.

  15. Okay this boglin will haunt me in my dreams Jim. Thank you for this…

  16. 2 sounds and 2 sons made me laugh like a hippo

  17. I’ve always wondered what colour Black was, thanks Jim.

  18. Some kid threw one of these over my fence when I was a young child (like 4 or 5) and I was in the garden when it was dark and stepped on one of these fuckers, scared the shit out of me.

  19. I used to watch this ironically, but now i’m somehow invested in these little rubbery bastards. Jim is very entertaining and at the same time informative.

  20. The future of the past joke was hilariously reminicent of the cybernetic ghost of christmas past from Aqua Teen. Nooicee.

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