2K Games Pressures Site Over NBA 2K18 Review Score

The Sixth Axis gave NBA 2K18 a 3/10 and 2K Games didn’t like it. Cry me a friggin’ river.


  1. Loving the amount of videos this week Jim! Nice one!

  2. Might need a new hashtag for this.



  3. I think Jim isn’t going far enough. 2k isn’t the only sports game company doing this, and it’s getting out of control.

  4. Is #Fuck2K the new #FucKonami?

  5. Woowoo woo, why is there a ad??? 2KKKKKKKKk!!

  6. I hear the faint pitter patter of all 2k games being review bombed.

  7. Torment Tattoo Girl

    I think they are just mad because it affects the metacritic score and that affects investors

  8. “Paid DLC” is not inherently bad, people. If you’re paying a smaller price for something that adds hours of new content/gameplay to a base game, then that’s fine. It’s called an “EXPANSION PACK”.

  9. I’d like to know what you think about almost every character in Marvel V. Capcom: Infinite being held to ransom behind day-1 DLC l, and that there pretty much a separate season pass for the character dlc alone.

  10. I’d sincerely happily listen to twelve minutes of ranting from you multiple times a week. I mean, more than I already do.

  11. The All in one gamer

    if 2K played their own games then they would know how annoying they are

  12. Are there people that still care about review scores?

  13. This is why I unsubbed all YouTubers. Plenty of them getting this review copies and always talking good even when it’s bad. No back bone at all, sad. I refuse to go to any website also.

  14. Oh, ok 2k Games! You don’t like that score they’ve given to your game? I have a better score for you, how about a BIG, FAT, 0…
    *Z E R O*
    Because you, certainly, give the same amount of fucks!

  15. The only way the game could get worse is if 2K made their next game a Gatcha game

  16. websites should blacklist 2K… just literally don’t talk about them period.

  17. I love the idea that publishers don’t like microtransactions being mentioned in reviews. It’s almost like they had no choice but to have them in the games.

  18. 8/10 as far as I am concern

  19. I didn’t think hydrophobia was that bad.

  20. Jim dropping a “The Littlest Hobo” reference in his video warms my Canadian heart.

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